Crowdfunding Campaign for Titanium Bottle Grenade 2.0 Exceeds Funding Goal on Kickstarter

Grade 5 Titanium Bottle Grenade 2.0 campaign funded in under 1 minute and has already raised almost $12,000, making it a highly successful fundraising effort on Kickstarter.


Webster, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- People are tired of others handing them a beer, only to ask for them to twist the cap off for them? Well, Brad was tired of it. Therefore, he sat down and starting drawing. 

Brad came up with the original Bottle Grenade as a remedy to this issue, and it was a bigger success than he had ever imagined. The project was a huge learning experience and a lot of fun too.  It was a very interactive project where Brad came up with improvements for the Bottle Grenade, and he took a lot of backer's ideas and turned them into something even more exciting.

The original Bottle Grenade project was featured in an article in USA Today about Crowdfunding. The Bottle Grenade was also featured in many popular blog sites such as Werd, Uncrate, The Awesomer, and many more.

Bottle Grenade 2.0 is focused mostly on the twist off section. However, Brad has basically re-designed it from the ground up.  Bottle caps have different numbers of teeth, 21 or 27.  Also, the machine that puts them on clamps the cap tight, shrinking it, or doesn't clamp it much at all, leaving it larger than normal.  So that is why it now has a little slot, and the twist section is offset to the left (acts like a spring). 

Brad’s end goal is to replace all the original Aluminum Bottle Grenades with an upgraded Titanium Bottle Grenade 2.0 that will truly last a lifetime. To keep the costs where they are, Brad needed to hit at least the $1,000 mark so that he could order the Titanium at an "affordable cost". 

With almost a month still left in this campaign, Brad has already raised almost $12,000 via Kickstarter.

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