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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for BackAlive's Split Roller Technology for Back Pain Relief


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- All those who have been suffering from chronic back pain and have failed to find a sustainable cure for a problem that has a major impact on their life can now expect relief after the introduction of BackAlive a machine that claims to be the world's first, ultimate back pain relief through pressure active therapy (PAT). The BackAlive project is seeking funding to aid in launching production in the US, supporting marketing and all the various other expenses. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo with a funding goal of at least $15,000 USD to be raised in the next 25 days.

The concept of the BackAlive machine discovered by Marty Abercrombie, a man who suffered from chronic back pain for decades. In an unfruitful search for a cure that lasted, from a pain that was limiting his activities and having a negative impact on the overall quality of his life, Marty discovered a cure of using pressure active therapy (PAT) that worked for him and believes it will also work for the 10's of millions world-wide who are suffering from back pain right now.

Paul Olliges, who worked alongside Marty in the development of Back Alive machine and the man behind the machine design and the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, explains: "Back pain can be debilitating and lead to a major change in a person's life. Although there are numerous medical and non-medical treatments that do not provide lasting relief for all, a powerful, easy-to-use, at-home solution has been elusive-until now, until BackAlive. It's easy to use. You don't need to be on the floor. You don't need to turn upside down or act like a monkey. You don't need to get in any unfamiliar or uncomfortable position. It's not inversion, and doesn't have any concerns that inversion has, and it really works."

What started as Marty's experiment and an attempt to ease the pain has now developed in to a program that will allow people relief from muscular back pain at home, by releasing muscle stress, working trigger points, invigorating nerve activity, increasing blood flow, aligning and stabilizing muscles and hips, allowing for spinal decompression and pain relief.

The team has developed the machine to be produced in the US and to be easy and simple to use, according to Paul, users simple adjust the machine and focus the split roller technology TM in the area desired for relief. Place their feet on the foot rests and apply pressure active therapy TM stretching muscles, increasing blood flow and driving nutrients in those hard to reach pain areas. The movement gives a gentle massage like feeling that is effective at relieving muscular pain.

The ongoing Indiegogo campaign with the $15,000 funding goal has been gaining momentum since its launch. However the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals, the team behind the project is looking towards the generosity of the online crowd who realize how debilitating back pain is and are looking for a sustainable cure in the comfort of their own home. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the manufacturing of the product in the US for customer use.

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to appreciate the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions.

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About Marty Abercrombie
Marty Abercrombie is an entrepreneur who was driven by back pain, fortunate to discover the solution of relief from incapacitating chronic back pain. Now on a mission to give life back to those suffering from chronic muscular back pain. Paul Olliges a skilled Product Development leader with that same mission of making a difference in providing relief to those suffering from pain.

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Paul Olliges / PaulO@GetBackAlive / Atlanta, GA / BackAlive LLC.