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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Book on Using Tai Chi to Learn Golf


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- A new Kickstarter campaign has launched that seeks to use the ancient martial art of Tai Chi to bridge the gap between technical golf training and the mental aspects of the game.

Duane Smith, a master practitioner of the Yang long form of Tai Chi, is seeking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to fund the development, publication and distribution of "The Tai Chi of Golf," which will draw on his years of experience teaching Tai Chi and his experience assisting new golfers. The campaign runs through March 11.

Smith, a senior staff member for Player Assistance at Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton, Florida, and an aspiring candidate to become certified as a PGA teaching professional, has been using the principles of Tai Chi to help new golfers master the sport for more than three years. During that time, he's seen the way the two can meld and benefit players of all skill levels.

"Each type of student derives benefit from a different aspect of the methodology," he said. "Beginners will achieve correct alignment, flowing movement and efficient stroke production. Advanced golfers, on the other hand, will benefit most from the practice of breath control, improved clarity and focus, and the mastery of intent."

The campaign is offering several different rewards for backers pledging $25 or more. At that level, backers will receive a copy of the book. A $50 pledge gets the backer a golf cap or golf shirt embroidered with the Tai Chi of Golf branding. At the $250 level, Smith is offering up to 20 backers an hour of Tai Chi of Golf training.

The sessions will be based both on the book and Smith's work with students. The lessons include instruction in the Yang long form of Tai Chi along with golf drills based on selected movements and postures from the form.

Smith said he sees an major opportunity for his instructional materials in China.

"The growth of the sport of golf there is exponential," he said, "and the principles of Tai Chi have been in the culture for thousands of years. Chinese translations of the materials developed is important part of the project."

The money raised by the campaign will be used toward that end, along with finalizing publication details and developing training videos and related merchandise. Smith also plans to speak with public relations agencies that specialize in golf, in order to market the training effectively.

More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at

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