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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Feature Movie Project on Bullying


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2015 -- A group of independent film makers have taken on board the cause of education and informing people about the serious subject of bullying, its different forms and some solutions. The film makers behind the project are looking towards the generosity of people, who understand the ills bullying and wish to make a different. A crowdfunding campaign on has been launched to raise $ 10,000 USD which will enable the film makers to fund the production, editing, marketing and distribution of the film and successfully see it to completion.

Shedding light to the vices of the society, studying and educating; and looking for solutions is a passion and driving force for the film making team behind the feature movie project on bullying. Bullying is one such serious problem. Experts say that a serious link exists between suicide and bullying. An alarming statistic suggests that nearly 1 in 3 students is a victim of bullying. Another aspect of bullying is cyber bullying; this particular type of bullying is becoming more and more common. All types of bullying can inflict lasting harm to the victims. The emotional wounds and scars left by the harassment, mockery, humiliation, embarrassment of being bullied can have a bearing on the rest of their lives.

Peace Ode, the person behind the crowdfunding campaign elaborates: "Bullying is a real life problem that does not stop within the school walls and the more awareness we bring to this fact the better we (as a society) can start learning ways to deal with it. This movie project showcases bullying in different forms and provides viable and probable resolutions and lessons for adults and young adults."

She further explains in the project pitch that the film is going to be about a life of a bully, the transition in attitude of a bully and this problem can be rectified through behavioral conditioning and empowered the right way(s) by the adults in their lives. This will be an educational film that the film maker hope will be watched by all.

The team is requesting all who understand the ills of bullying and wish to educate and protect children and young adults from suffering at the hands of a bully in school or over the internet. After the successful completion of this project the film makers hailing from New York are determined to draw attention to other problems of the society.

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About Feature Movie Project on Bullying
Feature Movie Project on Bullying is a project of a team of film makers from Bronx New York.

Media Contact:
Peace Ode
1780 Grand Concourse #41 Bronx, NY 10457