Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for New Toilet Paper Design That Ensures Feces Free Hands

FinaTV Marketing llc is launching a Kickstarter campaign for funding to create templates and refit machines to make the toilet paper rolls. Delivery of the product to backers is estimated for January 2015.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- FinaTV Marketing llc and Michael Findlay are pleased to announce Kickstarter campaign for a revolutionary new product, Patent Pending "New Toilet Paper". The product leaves users' hands free of feces. It is easy to hold and makes cleaning easy for young children, arthritis victims and individuals with other disabilities. New Toilet Paper is a revolutionary product, which will change the way people use toilet paper.

According to Michael Findlay, “Now is your chance to participate in the Green Movement, use less toilet paper, and prevent your hands from becoming contaminated by fecal matter with our Patent Pending "New Toilet Paper". New Toilet Paper ( is a unique product that will meet the needs of customers worldwide in health safety.”

Health department tests performed in seating, tables, doorknobs, food products, water and ice cubes shows that a consistent finding of substances found on such surfaces are fecal matter. The e-coli from fecal matter comes from the use of traditional toilet paper and improper hand-washing techniques. Even the most careful hand washing, with or without soap will not always eliminate the risk of spreading e-coli.

Some people use extra layers of toilet paper to avoid touching any fecal matter. This is a waste of paper and can cause toilet backups. Only 39 percent of people wash their hands before eating. Fifteen percent of men and seven percent of women don't washing their hands at all. When men wash their hands, only 50 percent use soap. When women wash their hands 78 percent use soap.

Washing hands for 15 to 20 seconds, using soap and warm water is needed to be effective. The average person spends 6 seconds washing their hands after using the toilet. There is fecal matter on 14 percent of bank notes and on 10 percent of credit cards.

Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign by visiting the web pages at now.

About New Toilet Paper
New Toilet paper" is a unique product that will meet the needs of customers worldwide in health safety.

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