Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help Office Workers Stay Healthy

Too much sitting in one place, and little exercise can cause serious health problems including obesity. A new product called the OFFyT has been developed to help avoid these health problems and allow office works to stay healthy.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- A new Crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help office workers stay healthy and avoid serious health issues. The campaign that aims to raise $85,000 on the Kickstarter platform was launched to produce an important piece of office fitness equipment called OFFyT.

The OFFyT is an important piece of fitness equipment that each office and office worker should have. Office workers work long hours and unlike most other jobs they do not have the time to walk around and gain the exercise the body needs. Lack of exercise and sitting in one place can cause obesity and heart disease according to the Journal of Preventive Medicine. Health experts have warned for a number of years that more needs to be done to help office workers avoid serious health issues, and according to the positive reviews, the OFFyT could help to save lives.

The people behind the OFFyT have managed to provide two pieces of equipment rolled into one. On one hand, it is a monitor stand that allows the height of the monitor to be increased by a few inches. That is important to a person's health when working with a monitor and sitting in one place for long periods of time. Health experts after years of research and trials warned people who are working on a computer should avoid moving the head back and forth and should have a natural line of vision with the monitor. The OFFyT provides that natural line of vision and allows the user to sit comfortably without injuring their shoulders or neck. Without a raised monitor, office workers could develop spinal and posture problems.

OFFyT also provides office workers with one of the most important pieces of equipment for their health within the office. It allows a person to exercise without having to leave the office. The OFFyT has two resistance bands attached to it, one on each side. It allows for the upper body to exercise with pulling movements. Through this type of exercise and by using the OFFyT, it can help reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease.

The OFFyT has been described as a real office health solution. The makers of this exciting product are looking for help with funding to make the product a reality and one that could be seen in offices all over the world.

The Crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $85,000. To learn more about the OFFyT and to watch the product in action and support the campaign, please visit

About The OFFyT
The OFFyT is an important piece of equipment that can help a person working in an office to become healthier.