Crowdfunding Campaign Started to Open an Unforgettable Bed and Breakfast in Flowing Springs, Payson, AZ

The goal of the innkeeper is to provide people with the most unique Pond House Bed and Breakfast experience they have ever had.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Brenda DuPont is the owner of a beautiful Pond House at Flowing Springs. She started a Crowdfunding Campaign to make her project a reality and give people a magical experience. The campaign will continue till December 24, 2014 to raise the needed funds that will give her an opportunity to create an unforgettable Bed and Breakfast that GUARANTEES to be the MOST UNIQUE in the area.

The realization of this project will give people an opportunity to spend an amazing day in the quiet and beautiful Flowing Springs, Payson, AZ, away from the busy and stressful life of the big cities. The clients will enjoy long walks around the beautiful pond, sitting to take a rest and listening to the stories that the surrounding trees have to tell them. Children can play in a safe environment, experiencing the excitement, where families have the opportunity to spend quality time together. A cozy bed will be prepared for them to climb into and make the rest complete.

Having the dream to increase the lodging options in the Payson area, Brenda’s goal is to make the Pond House at Flowing Springs the only "resort" type place in the region that offers multiple services at one location.

Apart from accommodating weddings, family reunions, graduation parties, church retreats, and business meetings, the services offered to the house guests will include:

-Private Lake on the territory of the property

-Multiple hiking options on and out of the property, surrounded by the National Forest

-Fishing with no license required, as this is a private land, with the opportunity to use fishing boats, canoes, and paddle boats

-Quad and Argo rentals

-Guides will offer house guests private tours in the region, where many Indian artifacts can be seen

-Weber Creek and the East Verde River with their beauties are located nearby

-Soups and salads will be served at night, using organic fruits and vegetables and fresh eggs

-Internet will be provided along with free satellite service.

These are just some of the surprises that will await clients, if the Crowdfunding Campaign reaches its goal. This campaign has been called special, while others have called it the most exciting crowdfunding campaign to be launched at Indiegogo. With a dream of one person to make a place available for the many to relax and spend quality time together, is a crowdfunding campaign worthy of everybody’s support.

People, who are interested in backing this campaign and making the Pond House at Flowing Springs a reality, can support it at Indiegogo crowdfunding site:

About Brenda DuPont
Brenda DuPont is the owner of a beautiful property in Payson, AZ. She wants to overcome all the challenges to make her dream Bed And Breakfast project a reality. With all plans and drafts in mind, she is looking for supporters, who will become a part of this adventure.

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