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Want to Learn About Kickstarter Alternatives? Attend Crowdfunding East Conference at Harvard

Crowd funding Conference will be held on Aug. 28 at Harvard Faculty Club to educate the public about fundraising options for entrepreneurs, creative community and non-profits


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- The full-day Aug. 28 conference program includes panel discussions, hands-on workshop, presentations and a debate about the JOBS Act. 28 speakers representing 12 crowdfunding platforms, peer-to-peer lending, angel investors, innovation incubators and lawyers will present different options for folks looking to raise money for their projects.

The attendees will learn about the advantages and differences of Kickstarter competitors targeting niche markets. Some of the companies involved with the full-day affair include:

Pubslush, a New York based company, helps authors raise money and promote their books. The founders have powerful connections in the industry and use their network to actively support Indie writers.

Dragon Innovations, a platform for hardware projects, has extended the fundraising idea. Their clients will receive help with the product design, cost assessment and development of the crowd funded projects. The platform’s founders want to make sure that the product is not just going to be funded but it will be delivered according to the promise.

Launcht provides a white label solution for organizations looking to raise funds without a middleman.

WeDitIt helps non-profits engage their networks to improve their fundraising activities.

A special panel will discuss the current state of higher education financing. The participants will provide different solutions to solve the problem.

AlumniFunder from California taps into the power of alumni networks to help universities initiate students’ entrepreneurship. Their currently active projects are initiated by startups from Georgetown, Princeton and Berkeley Universities.

AngelEd offers fundraising help and mentorship for students looking to cover their tuition expenses.

USEED from Delaware provides solutions for colleges and universities interested in taking fundraising in their own hands. University of Virginia and Arizona State University already use the platform.

Another example is Superior Ideas, a Michigan Tech University initiative that supports research and public service projects.

The conference attendees will hear from people who have succeeded in raising money through crowdfunding. The panelists combined have raised of more than $1.7 million. Additional topics to be covered at the conference include: using self-directed IRA for crowdfunding, organizing crowdfunding inside organizations and free tools for efficient crowd funding campaign.

The afternoon session will be devoted to business financing. Founders of equity crowdfunding platforms Return on Change and iCrowd, private investors network SideCarAngel, alternative assets marketplace Gate Technologies and other panelists will discuss different options for startups.

The conference keynotes will be delivered by well-known investor and author from New York City Daryl Montgomery and one of the leaders of the top P2P lending marketplace Prosper Ron Suber.

The conference is organized with financial support from InvEscrow Services and Kingdom Trust Company.

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