The Last True Crowdfunding Opportunity: Capturing the e-Commerce Hispanic Market


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Entrepreneurs everywhere ask, "How can I successfully promote my Spanish blog or online store?" Well now offers a new answer for generating the most suitable SEO positioning on a case by case basis and enter the Hispanic Market Opportunity

Creating quality articles in Spanish, with and zero tolerance for spam, content is distributed between various Spanish social networks and international Hispanic communities.

Not simply a blogging platform tent, is a tool to help Spanish entrepreneurs, online stores, websites and blogs increase their relevance visibility in social networks.

Customers with sites in Spanish will get better rankings, increased traffic, and promotion of their products achieving the Online Market Opportunity

From this, customers can expect higher sales as buyers locate and become familiar with a their internet business.

The service is bundled so that all the needs of the target customer are covered.

Small funding allows entering the crowdfunding opportunity

As an innovative product that efficiently integrates various aspects of online marking, the different technical services provided are simple, easy to understand and very scalable.

To ensure articles are of interest to readers, quality is managed, with a minimum length of words and only certain outgoing links allowed. is responsible for distributing cotent between various social networks to gain virality and traffic.

The project started as a vision for the Spanish speaking community to reach out and support online business.

Utilizing our 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce needs, Tiendas Blog seeks to promote stores to get results.

With a bunch of bloggers and entrepreneurs the team is able to easily reach people for clear and distinguished positioning and decided to make a tool to reach out, setting up the initial network to get started.

The services cater to customers who want to find micro niches but lack the skills in promoting themselves online. addresses those that are not getting the results they want and are looking for alternative and quality options.

Other companies offer community management, SEO and consulting ineffectively, while our expertise allows us to create very efficient and scalable tools for added service value.

The Hispanic Market Opportunity consists on bringing the project to full power, where it can deliver and tend to the needs of Spanish entrepreneurs online.

What does he/she want to promote?
Where is his/her market online? gets the tools required to automatically share stories on all social networks and push target content to interested customers everywhere!

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Tiendas Blog is a project that facilitates the transition of SMEs to a 2.0 environment, allowing them to increase sales with open promotional campaigns and offering new channels of online communication.

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