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Crowdfunding Platform,, Reaches 1000 Funding Requests is a microfunding site used by those looking to raise money for themselves or a specific cause.


Deerfeild, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- announces the platform has reached 1,000 funding requests. is a microfunding site used by those looking to raise money for themselves or a specific cause. The practice, also known as online begging, allows users to participate in the online version of traditional begging or panhandling, by asking strangers for money to meet needs and even wants. These can range from basic food and shelter to insurance bills, college debt, personal finances and nice gifts. The platform provides an easy way for members to ask others for financial help while keeping pride intact.

Free membership signup allows users to begin posting unique and compelling stories or causes for donations. If an entry seems like it warrants sympathy, support or a donation, users can click on the thumbs up button. Those that are not convincing enough may receive a thumbs down vote. If fellow users find the story intriguing and genuine enough, they can process donations via PayPal. eBeggars does not take a commission or charge members fees. All posts, payment processes and usage on the site is free. Any and all payment from donors are sent directly to the recipient’s PayPal account.

Jay Abraham, the founder of states, “We are thrilled to have accomplished this milestone and look forward to continuing to support those in need. Initially this was created as hobby site. But it turned out to a real help for a lot of people when they really need help and support.”

Requests on the site consist of pleas from students responsible for younger siblings that are in financial crisis, parents in unfortunate situations, individuals still burdened by the effects of a crippled economy, those ineligible for financial aid and even victims of unavoidable natural disasters.

About eBeggars
eBeggars has made it possible for anyone to receive money simply by sharing a compelling story and asking strangers for help. Cyberbegging has proven to be yet another way to gain financial assistance in hopes of becoming debt free, to purchase basic necessities or to reach a personal financial goal.

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Jay Abraham
Deerfeild, IL