Crowdfunding Project to Make Better Youtube Layout


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Martell Brothers Studios, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of theirĀ Indiegogo project for "Martell TV", a free mobile application to allow Youtube and users to create customized television-style channels of their favorite videos, then share those videos with their friends.

"It's kind of like Pandora, but for video sharing," said Carey Martell, CEO of the company. "The biggest problem with other apps like this is the developers will model the look on Pandora, which is a music app. Martell TV looks like a real TV guide, with a timeline and everything. That's more natural for video discovery, because it's how TV works. It's what we're used to."

The Martell TV application is in development for both iOS and Android devices, but the application also integrates with a website that serves to replace Youtube's dashboard and search engine with one modeled on a television guide timeline. The mobile app can also display videos on HD TVs, allowing the user to manipulate their mobile device like a traditional TV remote.

"Youtube just changed their layout again," said Carey. "And people hate it. Google is really amazing at making the code behind software, but not so great at making user interfaces. I've been using Youtube since 2006, and I became a Youtube Partner in 2009. As an active user of the site, I believe I know what people want."

Warrior Works, a project to provide veterans with news and information using internet video, has partnered with Martell Brothers Studios to distribute their video content.

"People don't search Youtube for veteran info," said Carey. "I'm a 60% disabled vet myself. It's never occurred to me to search Youtube for info, because it's hard to find. Youtube is a search engine, and video SEO techniques aren't obvious to the average Joe uploading videos to the site. The videos can be too hard to find. But with Martell TV, we can make our application data-mine Youtube to create a Veterans channel that pulls in hundreds of videos for vets, and put it right in front of the users."

Martell Brothers Studios' Indiegogo project is asking for $30,000 to cover the development of the mobile application.

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