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Crowdfunding Required for Inspirational New Gift/Art Book; 'Unveiling' Heroines of the Bible

Created over four years by a mother and daughter team, ‘Unveiled Faces: Twenty Women of the Old Testament’ uses stunning portraits to celebrate and learn from the Bible’s boldest women. While bringing them to life is poised to help readers triumph in their walk of faith and hope, the project requires vital Kickstarter funding in order to complete the publication process.


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Like millions of other women, Gina and her Daughter, Hana, live their life by the word of God. However, during their study of the Old Testament, they became acutely aware that the women of the Bible and God’s vision for each of them are often lost to Christians. Fusing Gina’s writing expertise with Hana’s stunning artistry, the duo set out to create a unique and transformative art book to bring twenty of these Bible heroines to life.

The result is ‘Unveiled Faces: Twenty Women of the Old Testament’. Masterfully crafted to give readers a deeper understanding of the struggles of women including Sarah, Leah, Abigail, Miriam, Hannah and many more – the book is hoped to help everyone see and overcome their own adversity.


There is something incredibly compelling about the heroines of the Bible. They had little if no social status, denied the power of determining their own future, their own destiny. Oftentimes lost in circumstances both spoken and unsaid, the women of the Bible were nonetheless propelled by a spiritual power that would shape them, rescue them, raise them up from obscurity. These unsung heroines not only influenced the Kingdom of God, they are torches of light, forging a way for us to encounter a deeper spiritual path of hope, truth, love.

Unveiled Faces is a gift book about these friends, companions, ancient women whose lives lived long ago cross into the universal story of our own. The book contains primitive paintings, childlike faces, capturing an essence of the past and propelling it forward into the present. Integrated with the portraits is a first person narrative that gives us unique access, bringing these women into our living rooms, our quiet places, engaging private introspection.

Hagar proclaims God as one who “sees,” and leaves open to us the mystery and wonder of the seeing. Sarah reminds us of taking up the charge by our own strength, and how that fails against the divine will of an all-sufficient God. Queen Esther takes off her mask, and reveals to the world, not her stunning beauty, or captivating presence, but the little Jewish girl, who belongs not to the palace but to God. It is these stories and more that create a sense in us, not only did they survive, not only did they conquer, but they are more alive because of the journey. Mothers, slaves, queens, warriors, prophets – our royal heritage that leads straight to Jesus.

“We can see more clearly due to these women’s struggles and walk more securely when we’ve learned of their own triumphs,” says Gina. “However, while we have a powerful vision for this project, we still need to raise the funds required to finish the book and make it available for purchase.”

Continuing, “We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign that already has great momentum, but we require further assistance to reach the funding goal. Those donating $25 or more get a copy of the book, hot off the press; so by reserving your copy now you’re ensuring that publication actually comes to fruition. We have some great rewards for backers but, of course, we have heartfelt appreciation for donations of all sizes.”

With the ability for the women of the Bible to reveal more about God and connect Christians to his strategy for them, it is of paramount importance that Gina and Hana can continue the work they have started.

To back the project today, visit: http://kck.st/RuYgPo.

For more information on the book, visit the official website: http://www.unveiledfacesthebook.com.

About the Authors
Gina has a passion for communicating God's Word in beautiful and compelling ways that empower women to discover their identity in Christ. She has lived most of her life in Southern California. She is a wife, mother, step-mother, author and creator! She holds a MA in Psychology, and has experience as a Biblical Counselor and Bible Teacher. Gina, along with mentor Annie Kilroy, created and wrote the Unveiled Faces Bible Study last fall, a companion to her book Unveiled Faces. The 11-week study was presented at her home church and was a great success.

Hana is a young creative and loves art, photography, esthetics and travel. Her painting reflects a naive or primitive style that is simple in both subject matter and technique. One of Hana's passions is traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures, art and people. She loves how painting can transform her perspective and bring her closer to her own story of passion, beauty and faith. Hana lives and works in Los Angeles.