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Finding the Best in Equity Crowdfunding Websites


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Small business and startup companies will soon find financing over the internet much easier thanks to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS), a federal government initiative.

More specifically, the JOBS act makes it legal for entrepreneurs to get crowdfunding by offering equity stakes in their companies. Similar to angel investing, crowdfunding differs in one major way. Instead of one investor contributing large amounts, crowdfunding allows many small-amount investors to pool their money.

Howard Orloff, president and founder of Crowdfunding Website Reviews, said the legislation has made it easier than ever for startup companies to get funding. At the same time, he warns the same act has made it easier for novice business owners to be taken advantage of.

"This kind of financing is not really new, but when the president signed the JOBS legislation, that brought a lot of attention to it," Mr. Orloff said. "Some people see this as a quick way to make some money without caring about the business they are investing in. An entrepreneur needs to focus on running his new business, not worrying about what his investors may be trying to do."

With that in mind, Mr. Orloff created Crowdfunding Website Reviews takes a hard look at the equity crowdfunding platform websites, he said. The review site ranks such funding sites in an easy-to-understand manner. The pros and cons of each are presented along with an overall ranking.

"We are taking the guesswork out of crowdfunding websites," Mr. Orloff said. "Not all offers are created equal. What works best for one company may not for another. Our website allows anyone to see and compare how these equity sites work and what they offer."

The review site also collates and aggregates news about crowdfunding websites. This means users don't need to search the financial markets and associated publications for updates, Mr. Orloff said. "We put everything you need to know in one website," he said. " will become the internet's premiere and one-stop shop for crowdfunding platform and service reviews. We are constantly reviewing our work to improve and expand our offerings."

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