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Crowdfunding Services Owner Makes Direct Plea to CEO of Twitter


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Howard Orloff, mayor of IPOVilliage.com has reached out personally to Twitter.com CEO Dick Costolo about turning Twitter public. Orloff wants Costolo to forgo traditional routes and instead turn to crowdfunding for help on the IPO or DPO.

Orloff’s plea makes sound fiscal sense.

Orloff’s plea is laid out in a direct letter to Costolo. If Costolo turns Twitter public, it is going to take approximate 150 million dollars in fees and services to make the initial IPO.

“Mr. Costolo, that is money you will never see,” Orloff wrote in his letter.

Orloff’s website ipovilliage.com helps companies avoid the redtape by bypassing many of the laws and regulations of the SEC and investment banking and go directly to the people via crowdfunding services.

Twitter.com is short message social media. A “tweet” can be no more than 140 characters in length. Twitter has quickly become one of the best ways to get short messages out to people quickly.

“My goal in the letter was two-fold: First, to let Mr. Costolo know there are better ways to turn your company public than by spending a ton of money, and second, to share with the world how crowdfunding can help your business succeed with an IPO,” said Orloff.

Crowdfunding is an offspring of social media and allows business to go straight to the public to elicit capital for projects, DPO’s and a host of other things. Orloff’s letter explains this to Costolo.

“We are excited about the prospects of helping Twitter with their IPO through crowdfunding, continued Orloff, “and if Twitter thinks it is a worthy aspiration, who knows? The next big breakthrough in medicine, energy or any field could get its break via crowdfunding options.”

Read the open letter at http://ipovillage.com/ipo-village-blog/open-letter-twitter-ceo-dick-costolo/