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Crowdfunding the Knowledge About the Great Masters of Sacred Speech in Ancient and Medieval India; Help Crowdfund the Production of "the Matrix of Sacred Speech Book"

Disseminate the Knowledge about the great masters of Sacred Speech in ancient and medieval India; Support the Production of “The Matrix of Sacred Speech" Book!


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- "The Matrix of Sacred Speech" is a book about reclaiming people’s speech; the source of our knowledge, power, peace, and prosperity. Baba Rampuri who is the author says that he is making a call to reclaim our Speech, which he believes is essential for both our survival and prosperity. Baba has been teaching and writing about Sacred Speech since 1977 but a number of recent events regarding our freedom and privacy of Speech and the wholesale corruption of mass media have made him feel the urgency to share his knowledge and experience about the nature and power of Speech with a wider public.

Baba Rampuri intends to inform the whole public about the great masters of Sacred Speech in ancient and medieval India, their lineages, their sublime teachings and practices, and how people may employ those teachings in their lives today. This is how he puts it -“We will explore what a tradition is and how it works, how knowledge is obtained and passed down, storytelling, what a practice really means, and what constitutes authority. We will explore how Sacred Speech is actually used, in a spiritual discipline, in ritual, in mantra and tantra, and in daily life, for the purposes of self knowledge as well as prosperity.”

"The Matrix of Sacred Speech" explores the true nature and potentialities of language and emphasizes its role in effecting liberation. This may be used by the readers as magical formulae to employ in their lives, not only to be more successful, prosperous, and happy, but, to have real relationships, to increase perception and knowledge, and to do good things. Some of the topics covered in this book include: The spiritual mind, acquiring knowledge, the enlightenment and many more. The team led by the author Baba Rampuri and one of the Sri Lanka’s favorite artists Druvinka Puri promises that the English Language Edition will be available for public release in September 2014.

The team currently focuses on completing the manuscript of the book which will take a period of six months. Translation into several languages including German, Russian, Italian, French, Czech, and Serbian will be done by November 2014. Let us give support to this team; they indeed have a noble idea. And the means to execute what they promise.

For More Information and Contribution, kindly visit; http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-matrix-of-sacred-speech

So far $ 10,092 has been raised out of the $ 45, 000 Target Goal. ONLY 6 DAYS left to end this campaign on 19th November 2013 at 11: 59pm PT

About Baba Rampuri
Baba Rampruir (http://rampuri.com/)As an initiate, guru, and now lineage holder in India’s most ancient and largest order of yogis and shamans, Juna Akhara, his studies and practices over the last 44 years in India are all part of an Oral Tradition passed down over the millenia from the voice of the guru to the ear of the disciple.