Crowdfunding and the Big Bang Theory


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- If you have not heard about crowdfunding, here is a brief primer. You make a pitch to a community of people who have capital. Those who take a vested interest in your project agree to loan you a set amount of money. You then agree to repay their money, plus interest, in time. The beauty of crowdfunding is the income and funding potential is enormous. Someone, somewhere will have an interest in your project and will help you fund it.

The explosion of the Internet as a viable medium for business gave birth to this new phenomenon. According to Howard Orloff , owner of, the opportunities keep coming in, “What was an initial explosion of crowd funding has become something just short of a Big Bang. Money, ideas, funding and people are continually coming together under this umbrella of crowdfunding. It is still growing, and it does not look like it will level out any time soon.”

And in 2013, crowdfunding will see another aspect evolve because then, crowdfunding will include equity funding and be able to issue stocks. This will add another field to the growing crowdfunding market. "Many assume crowdfunding is loans only. This is not so," continues Orloff, "In fact, many crowdfunding sources give money as donations. These gift crowdfunding subsets do not require repayment." When you add all of the many facets of crowdfunding together, the opportunities grow exponentially.

Howard saw this intense opportunity, and started This is a way for interested parties to find crowdfunding opportunities. The beauty of his website lies in the numbers. His website is getting over 1,000 original hits a day, and each day another visitor learns about crowdfunding principles. “It could be someone wants to learn about crowdfunding, or an inventor seeking additional capital, or people who are just genuinely curious. Regardless, more and more people are learning about crowdfunding and the opportunities it provides. My website points people in the right direction for their specific interests,” says Orloff.

Orloff’s website reviews potential crowdfunding sources and shares them with you. As a convenient new feature for his visitors, the ‘Top Picks’ portion of his website is now prominently displayed on the homepage. This means no digging through reviews to find the best source of crowdfunding income; it is all at the first page, at your fingertips. “Our clientele are not going to want to spend hours combing websites for funding. They want to find it fast, know it is a good source and move on it. This is why we moved the ‘Top Picks’ to the front,” Orloff explains, “and people can make decisions with a quick glance.”

The website still has multiple reviews on various crowdfunding sources available for those who want to spend the time reading and calculating. It could be you are just curious about crowdfunding and want to learn more about it. Either way, there is something about crowdfunding on the website for you. Each different website has a full review, link to the site and various categories for ranking and features. The ease of the ranking system means you can gloss your options quickly and easily until you find a crowdfunding source right for you.

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