Seo Experts Success Leads to SEO Copycats


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Crowd Search Me was the first 6 figure launch on the JVzoo platform in 2015, and is one of the more popular monthly SEO software's available in the industry. The success of Crowd Search Me has led to copycats creating similar products, but they lack the benefits and features of the original.

One of these is PosiRank Crowd Search, which utilizes the power of the crowd to organically search and find in the search engines client websites. PosiRank does partake in some techniques that have been at one-time labeled as blackhat by Google, particularly bloggers outreach/guest posting. From the website: "Then, we reach out and form strategic publishing relationships with key authority publishers & established bloggers that regularly post content related to your industry." As well as 10,000 blog comment spam tier link building.

Since Crowd Search is just a small component of PosiRank's services, it will be less feature rich than the standard Crowd Search Me, which only focuses on growing the organic user base to make it more powerful, and not focused on other parts of traditional SEO, more commonly known as backlinks or reseller reporting. The mantra of jack of all trades, master of none applies to any line of work, especially online marketing. With thousands of agencies offering pay per click, web design, application development, mobile applications, conversions, split testing, media buyers, and SEO, it's important to not only pick a category, but a category within a category to differentiate yourself amongst competitors.

With over 300,000 users worldwide Crowd Search Me continues to grow their power and user base to cement their place as the most popular and recommended Crowd Search based service in the advanced SEO affiliate community. Crowd Search Me is also in talks to partner with major application developers to grow the mobile userbase through frees and promotions inside freemium games in the USA, UK, and Canada markets.

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Crowd Search Me is an organic SEO service with thousands of real users throughout the world helping increase webpage click through rates and dwell time, lowering bounce rate and irrelevant traffic.

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