Crowdsourcing Becomes the Latest Tool in Politics


Sallisaw, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- There was a time when organizations and companies believed in the procedures of outsourcing their resources, campaigns, innovations, and many other company functionalities. But now as we can witness the changing times and perceptions, Crowdsourcing has taken over majority of the industries for the better, wherein tasks and missions are outsourced to a different group of competent public, instead of allocating it to a specific department or a sector. Every sector in the industry has embraced this concept to change and enhance the outlook and the functioning of their companies. As the years are gliding by, political segments have sniffed the importance, benefits and advantages of this newest addition in innovation.

"Rise of Crowdsourced Politics" explores this conceptual world to its readers to enable them to get a fairer and a clearer view of this newest ball game, especially spreading in every nook and corner of the ‘political world’. Politics has felt the need to approach the functionalities of the world in a different and innovative way. This strategic concept of crowdsourcing has wormed itself in an ‘affective’ way in the kingdom of American politics.

"Rise of Crowdsourced Politics" takes you through a journey through this ebook which also throws light upon the heated debate that has currently set fire in the minds of people residing and exercising their power in this world of open democracy. Efforts meted out to cater to the governmental interests have started using the crutches of crowdsourcing, which seems to have been proved controversial, questioning the competence and efficiency of the political legislation empowering the United States as a sole entity. However some eminent personalities have seemed to welcome this concept for the betterment of the society as a whole.

As Dustin DeMoss quotes “I believe crowdsourcing has the ability to change the nature of civic engagement in the United States, and given the innovative direction of Americans with regard to their political participation it has the opportunity to be a fruitful endeavor”

But taking into consideration the queue of advancements enhancing the political constitution worldwide, this concept with the support of high end innovative technology, ensures betterment and development on a universal platform.

"Rise of Crowdsourced Politics"

This book also brings into the limelight certain pockets of Europe and the United States who has taken the initiatives to execute crowdsourcing wrapped in the successful folds of technology. At the same time this ebook also pinpoints the execution of open innovation linked to this concepts aiming towards the corporate political interests dominating the government.

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