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Crown Gear Fitness Announces Special Offers on Top-Quality Exercise Gear

Company's weightlifting aids are among the best built and most functional available


Kings Park, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Exercise accessory supplier Crown Gear Fitness announced special offers on its industry-leading products. The limited-time sale prices, available on products purchased through the company's website or its exclusive distributor,, represent both substantial discounts over the usual pricing and rare opportunities to acquire top-quality weightlifting accessories for so little. Crown Gear Fitness designs and produces some of the best-regarded products of this sort, putting emphases on functionality, durability and safety that few other companies can claim to match.

"Our high-end weightlifting accessories have really found an audience with those in the know," company representative Rich Zheng said, "so we decided to drop our already-low prices temporarily in order to reach even more fitness enthusiasts." Crown Gear Fitness's lifting hooks have received rave reviews from professional and amateur weightlifters seeking to maximize their gains. Attached with secure, comfortable straps to the lifters' wrists, the hooks are used to provide grip on barbells when weights exceed what the hands alone could endure. These hooks allow weightlifters to proceed to higher weight totals in such fundamental exercises as the dead-lift, for example, so their major muscle groups are exercised to their fullest potential, instead of being held back by the smaller and inherently weaker muscles of the hands and forearms.

All of Crown Gear Fitness's products are designed to result in the utmost in functionality, safety, and durability. Unlike some companies which seek to gain business through flashiness and gimmicks, Crown focuses solely on creating products which will best serve avid weightlifters and other fitness enthusiasts. The company's use of only the best materials and design principles allows it to offer a hassle-free 1-year replacement guarantee on many of its products, an unusual feature in an industry where accessories of this sort are expected to undergo extremely demanding use.

"Our intense focus on producing the best possible products has served us, and our customers, very well," Zheng continued, "and we have some new ideas in the works that will further impress our fans. For now, our present special means that there has never been a better time to buy some top-quality lifting accessories." The company's products maintain extremely high ratings on distributor's site, with customers there being virtually unanimous in praising their quality and functionality.

Its weight lifting straps, for example, which are used to improve weightlifters' grips on bars, have attracted attention for the quality of their construction, as well as the effectiveness of their grip-enhancing surfaces. That has made them among the highest-rated products of their sort on the retail giant's website, a fact which keeps them in the company of Crown Gear Fitness's other products, including its equally well-reviewed wrist wraps. The present special offers on the company's products will continue for a limited time.

About Crown Gear Fitness
Founded and operated by lifelong fitness enthusiasts, Crown Gear Fitness designs and produces top-quality exercise accessories, focusing on functionality, durability, and safety. The company's success in its mission has made it one of the most highly regarded such suppliers in the industry, and it continues to refine and enhance its product lines.