Crown Holdings, Tetra Laval, Sealed Air, & Plastipak Recognized as Leaders in "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant


Northbrook, IL 60062 -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2023 -- MarketsandMarkets unveiled 360 Quadrant for the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies," classifying industry players Crown Holdings, Tetra Laval, Sealed Air, and Plastipak into distinct categories that reflect their exceptional contributions to the sustainable packaging domain.

These four companies have solidified their positions in the sustainable packaging quadrant through their substantial contributions to the field. Their relentless efforts and commitment to improving their product offerings, fostering innovation, and expanding their market influence have earned them a place in this prestigious quadrant. Their track record of innovation and dedication to environmental goals have positioned them as leaders in the sustainable packaging landscape.

The Sustainable Packaging Companies Quadrant is a comprehensive industry analysis that provides valuable insights into the global market for sustainable packaging. This quadrant offers a detailed evaluation of key market players, technological advancements, product innovations, and emerging trends shaping the industry. MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrants evaluated over 80 companies of which the Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies were categorized and recognized as the quadrant leaders.

The 360 Quadrant efficiently maps the Sustainable Packaging companies based on criteria such as revenue, geographic presence, growth strategies, investments, channels of demand, and sales strategies for the market presence of the Packaging quadrant. While the top criteria for product footprint evaluation included Material (paper & paperboard, plastic, metal, glass), Process (recycled, reusable, degradable), Function (active, molded pulp, alternate fiber), Application (food & beverage, healthcare, personal care, others), Layer (primary, secondary, tertiary), Sustainable Initiatives, and Incorporation of PCR content.

Crown Holdings, Tetra Laval, Sealed Air, and Plastipak – The Leaders Explained

Crown Holdings Secures a Position as a Market Leader Among the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant.

Crown Holdings has a long-standing history of innovation and a commitment to environmental stewardship. The company, with its primary product as metal packaging is a well-known entity in the sustainable packaging industry. Through its subsidiaries, it has become one of the leading global suppliers of rigid packaging products to consumer marketing companies, as well as transit and protective packaging products, equipment, and services to a broad range of end markets. It has been recognized as the "Market Leader" in the " Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant owing to its robust product portfolio and wide geographical presence.

The company actively develops beverage packaging, aerosol & food packaging, and transit packaging. The company's complete range of metal packaging solutions extends beyond beverage cans and ends to include food cans and ends, aerosol containers, closures and promotional packaging. It caters services to various sectors that include beverage, food, personal care, household, and luxury products.

Recently in August 2023, the company expanded its beverage can footprint into Germany with the acquisition of Helvetia Packaging, In July 2023, the company also expanded Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Certifications to the Asia Pacific Region.

Crown Holdings' recognition as a market leader among the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" highlights its current leadership in sustainable paper and packaging solutions. With a global presence and diverse product portfolio, they are well-positioned for future growth and continued innovation. As they continue to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions, Crown Holdings is poised to shape the future of sustainable packaging.

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Tetra Laval Recognized as a Contender in " Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant

Tetra Laval is a notable company with a significant presence in the sustainable industry. Owing to its expertise in packaging, the company was recognized among the contenders in the quadrant for Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant. Tetra Laval, through its industry groups Sidel and Tetra Pak offers packaging solutions. One of Tetra Laval's most notable contributions to sustainable packaging is its development and widespread adoption of Tetra Pak cartons. These iconic, lightweight cartons are renowned for their eco-friendly design, which minimizes the environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle.

Tetra Pak develops sustainable carton packages made from paper-based straws and sugarcane-based plastic layers and caps. The other materials used include paperboard, polyethylene, and aluminum foil. Tetra Pak has a range of packaging solutions which includes aseptic packages, chilled packages, food packages, and others. The Sidel division is responsible for packaging solutions for beverages, food, home, and personal care products in PET, cans, glass, and other materials in food packaging. The company's packaging material includes PET, cans, glass, plastic bottles, cartons, pouches, jars, and tins. The secondary packaging offered by Sidel consists of RSC cases, packs, trays, wrap-around blanks, and shelf-ready packaging.

Tetra Laval stands as a prominent player in the sustainable industry. This recognition by 360 Quadrants recognizes not only the company's substantial market presence but also its well-established brand and an array of tailored products and services designed to meet diverse customer requirements. Although Tetra Laval may not offer an exhaustive range of offerings compared to market leaders, its undeniable impact and contributions within the sustainable packaging sector are evident. Tetra Laval's position as a contender not only acknowledges its present contributions but also anticipates its potential to further drive innovation in the sustainable packaging sector. In an era where sustainability is of paramount importance, Tetra Laval stands as a promising company poised to continue leading the way in sustainable packaging.

Sealed Air (SEE) Recognized as an Innovator in " Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant

Sealed Air, one of the leaders in sustainable packaging solutions, has a rich history of revolutionizing packaging solutions. The company is well-known for its revolutionary invention, BUBBLE WRAP, which changed the way products are packaged and transported. Owing to its strong product portfolio and market presence it was recognized as an innovator in the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023".

The company caters its services to various markets which include aerospace & defense, agriculture, apparel and accessories, automotive, bakery, meals & snacks and others. The company's packaging solutions are based on materials like corrugated, flexible films, foams, paper, plant-based, rigid plastic, and semi-rigid materials depending upon the application. Some of the other globally recognized solution brands of the company include CRYOVAC food packaging,

LIQUIBOX fluids and liquids systems, SEALED AIR protective packaging, AUTOBAG automated packaging systems, SEE Automation, and prismiq digital packaging and printing.

Sealed Air, as an innovator, offers a robust product portfolio that pushes the industry forward with forward-looking strategies. Although its current market share may be smaller than that of market leaders, Sealed Air has the potential to ascend and become a notable player, driven by its innovative spirit and commitment to excellence. The company continues to inspire the industry through its innovative approach to sustainable packaging excellence, establishing new benchmarks for the future.

Plastipak Gained Recognition as an Emerging Company in the " Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant.

Plastipak holds a significant role in the global sustainable packaging industry. The company is one of the global leaders in the packaging and recycling industries. Its substantial expertise has earned it recognition as an Emerging Leader among the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023". ?Plastipak is focused on expanding its product portfolio and geographical presence by increasing production facilities. In November 2022, the corporation established a large recycling operation at its Toledo, Spain, production site. Plastipak finished a big investment in January 2022 to greatly increase its PET recycling capacity at its manufacturing facility in Bascharage, Luxembourg.

The company serves packaging solutions to various markets namely aerosol, carbonated soft drinks and water, consumer cleaning, juice, food and dairy, automotive, industrial, and agricultural products, personal care, and alcoholic beverages. Plastipak's sustainable solutions include a range of lightweight neck finishes for carbonated soft drinks and bottled water applications, post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, and virgin resin making. Plastipak recycles packaging and produces post-consumer recycled PET resin (PET PCR or rPET) and HDPE resin (HDPE PCR or rHDPE). In its virgin resin making it also manufactures 100% virgin PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resin as raw material for use in preform and bottle production.

Plastipak, with a dedicated focus, offers specialized expertise, precise support, adaptable terms, and competitive pricing in the sustainable packaging sector. While the company may have certain limitations, it stands as the preferred choice for specific use cases due to its strategic approach to expanding sales initiatives and broadening its client base. Plastipak's commitment to addressing specialized requirements and its ongoing growth aligns well with industry dynamics.

As global market dynamics continue to evolve, Crown Holdings, Tetra Laval, Sealed Air, and Plastipak remain at the forefront of innovation, setting benchmarks for excellence in the sustainable packaging landscape. Their inclusion in the "Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023" by MarketsandMarkets 360 Quadrant reaffirms their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to a dynamic and ever-changing market.

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360 Quadrants Scoring Methodology

360 Quadrants employs a comprehensive and transparent scoring methodology to evaluate companies. It identifies relevant evaluation criteria, collects, and validates data from multiple sources, and employs an algorithm that considers parameter weights to generate scores. Normalization ensures fair comparisons, and the aggregated scores categorize solutions into quadrants such as Market Leaders, Contenders, Innovators, and Emerging Companies. This unbiased approach equips users with accurate information, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and select solutions that best suit their needs and objectives.

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