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This Press Release discusses the circumstances associated with recalled items, vehicles in particular.


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2019 -- Each year millions of products are recalled for a number of different reasons. Recalls affect the very smallest of items such as children's toys up to the largest of items such as vehicles. In the event that a product is recalled this is usually because of some safety concern. With the number of product recalls done every year it is important to know the circumstances associated with recalled items.

It is important to note that the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the department that sets the standard of vehicles . As a result the makers of vehicles must adhere to the guidelines that the NHTSA has put in place. When a vehicle does not meet a certain criteria or is found to be defective in some way then the makers of the vehicle must issue a recall. One article commented, "NHTSA sets the standards of vehicles but the reality is that the vehicle companies are the ones that usually make the recall of a vehicle on their own accord. However, there are some occasions when the NHTSA has to prompt the car company to issue a recall." That being said the vehicle companies have the responsibility to inform NHTSA, dealerships, owners and distributors. The manufacturer of the vehicle also has the responsibility to repair the problem that the vehicle has and the owner does not have to pay for the service. The NHTSA keeps track in order to ensure that the manufacturer is in compliance with the recall.

When a recall is issued, the registered owner of a vehicle is notified by mail that there is a recall on the vehicle. The manufacturer must inform the vehicle owners of the risk of the vehicle recall. One article stated, "The notice that informs the registered owner of the recall provides an explanation of the need for the recall and what action the owner should take. The explanation should specify what exactly the issue is, how long it will take to repair the problem and who is able to work on resolving the issue. Information is available for the vehicle owner about what individual to contact if the recall requires payment by the owner instead of a free resolution."

In most cases a vehicle must not be more than 10 years old when the recall was issued in order for it to be eligible to be repaired with no cost to the owner. So if the recall was issued in the year 2010, the vehicles between the year 2001 and 2010 are to be repaired for free if the vehicle was purchased as new. However, if the vehicle is older than 10 years it is up to the owner to get the vehicle repaired at their own expense. That being said one lawyer stated, "It is strongly recommended that a vehicle owner gets the vehicle repaired after a recall has been issued despite how old a vehicle is. Because a defect may cause major problems if not repaired. It is better to fix the problem then let the issue become one that causes an accident."

When a vehicle has been recalled for defects and injuries occur it is best to speak to the best Alaska car accident attorney for legal advice and representation. The same is true when it comes to motorcycle accidents, speak to the best Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer .

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