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CRT View Point Now Offers Software for Customer Surveys on Tablets


Coventry, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- CRT View Point is counted among the prominent names offering Avant Garde solutions for capturing real time customer feedback. The company has now strengthened its position by presenting advanced software for conducting customer surveys on tablets, an easy to use and highly mobile solution for getting familiar with the feedback and opinions of customers, shareholders, staff and so on.

Tablet survey enables face to face interactivity, automated data collection, on brand customized survey, unique capturing of all demographics, round the clock feedback and many other advantages. Also, with this customer survey system of CRT View Point, users get additional benefits like CRT's Valid8™ ‘s guarantee of data accuracy, self service via View Point Research Control Suite (RCS) and CRT’s managed services where they monitor the entire research or survey of their clients (if client wishes for the same). View Point Survey Tablets compatible with different platform like Windows, iOS or Android tablets and can be purchased as well as rented.

This company helps organizations capturing, validating and analyzing the customer feedback and also enables diffusion of insights, and these actions are highly significant for the well-being of companies in today’s consumer-centric era. The survey solutions of CRT View Point have unique mechanism and advantages of their own as one of the representatives from the company mentions, “View Point RCS provides a complete end-to-end multichannel customer feedback system for data capture on multiple devices, fast analysis and powerful reporting. View Point is highly secure, UK hosted cross-platform and used by over 500 organizations. It allows for both ‘Self Service’ simplicity, where you access survey tools and can run reports yourself and ‘Managed Service’ where we provide comprehensive solutions following consultation with you.”

CRT provides comprehensive solutions and supports for capturing feedback from customers via different channels through their survey kiosks, online surveys, SMS surveys and many more.

About CRT View Point
CRT View Point is one of the UK's leading providers of real time customer feedback systems. They have developed a multichannel customer experience survey and feedback system known as View Point. This platform, complete with Valid8™ - which assesses the human interaction with the survey - enables our customers to capture ‘point of experience’ feedback, with a volume and high quality of data hither to impossible to achieve. Their partners include; IBM, Toshiba, Ipsos MORI and the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) and with tem CRT is revolutionizing the way private and public sector organizations collect and use customer experience data.

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