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Cruise Megastore Announces Cruise Booking Service

Cruises are great for sampling multiple locations in one trip, reports Cruise Megastore


Gaven, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Statistics say that 80% of passengers think that cruises are a great way to sample destinations. This is likely because it's typical for ships to include several different ports-of-call in their itineraries. Passengers therefore get to see at least a bit of many areas before reaching the main destination. With this in mind, Cruise Megastore ( announces its cruise booking service. The service allows would-be vacationers to find cruises that will not only go to their destinations, but also to many other ports along the way.

Those leaving on a cruise to Australia aren't looking for boring warm weather. There's plenty of that right at home. "Instead, Australian vacationers want to see something really different at their main destinations," says Lee Ward, a company representative. "That's why the front page of our site features places like Alaska and even Antarctica. The icy landscapes of these places offer sights that are far different from those of Queensland."

Once these exotic locations have been visited, some cruisers get the urge to see even more variety. Cruise Megastore in Australia ( offers the perfect solution for people who believe in the saying, "the sky's the limit."

"Nothing beats our world cruise when it comes to variety," Ward says. "These cruises last at least a few weeks, and for those who really enjoy being at sea, it's possible to remain on the cruise ship for several months at a time. Of course, there are many ports-of-call on these cruises that allow several countries to be sampled without hassle."

Not all Cruise Megastore trips involve icy vistas or months-long trips. People who seek a more action-packed trip should consider a cruise to Africa. These cruises take tourists through several countries on the African continent, and include activities like safaris and hot air balloon rides. Many islands are included in Africa-based cruises whether they are taken as part of a world tour or as standalone vacations.

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the best destinations to choose for a vacation starting in Australia is Australia itself. "Our country is also a continent," Ward says, "and this makes it a great location for a cruise. Guests are pampered while on board, and they can see a different part of the country at each port of call. Of course, these trips include activities that one would not usually do when sitting at home. For example, there's a white water rafting activity as well as four-wheel driving on Fraser Island, which is the largest sand dune in the Southern Hemisphere."

Whether vacationers want to see the world, go to Alaska, or see what Australia itself really has to offer, it's important for them to book early. This will ensure that there is an open spot on their ship of choice at the time they want to travel.

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