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Crusader Credit Services Celebrates Ninth Year in Business


Glendale, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- Crusader Consumer Services recently celebrated their 9th year in business serving consumers nationwide. Crusader began as a credit repair company and used its experience to become a leader in the debt settlement industry. The company has helped thousands of clients become debt free and/or recover a good credit rating. Throughout its history Crusader has prided itself on providing the most thorough and innovative customer support.

Crusader Consumer Services has received only 13 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has been a Gold Star winner with the BBB for ZERO complaints for 3 consecutive years. Their website holds many testimonials and reviews from clients who have achieved positive results with the company's help in managing debt and building credit. The Mayor of Glendale, CO, Larry Harte, wrote on the Crusader Consumer Services website, ""I have been involved in the mortgage business since 1998 and I am proud to support Crusader Consumer Services. Their experience and services have a direct impact on people's lives - they have a unique method of showing people how to improve their financial profile." The company website can be found at

From their perspective as a leader in focused and planned debt settlement, they unfortunately see many consumers get sucked in by scams which promise quick fixes or companies that do not deliver as per the promises made by their sales staff, before those same consumers turn to Crusader Consumer Services. By offering comprehensive solutions, Crusader Consumer Services advises the best moves for their clients on an individual basis, with a review of the client's payment history and complete financial budget. Consultations with Crusader Consumer Services are free. The company talks with creditors, on behalf of the client, to get the greatest and quickest settlements on the accounts.

Recently, a BBB related blog stated that they have received many inquiries from consumers concerned about fraud in credit repair offers, and gave reviews on the scam aspect of many of the claims made by these credit repair companies. They warned in their posting to avoid any company which promises to wipe all or most negative data from a credit report, even valid negative data. The article stated that such claims violate the law. Such claims are the kind likely to result in many public complaints by consumers. That Crusader Consumer Services has an average 1.5 complaints per year suggests that their methods are practical and vastly effective, while not always as 100% successful as some clients might wish.

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Founded in 2005, Crusader Consumer Services offers debt consolidation, debt management and debt settlement with more services under review and development.

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