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Crystal, Color and Light Therapy Combined in New Healing Device

The Cryxon® crystal lamp is a wireless, portable, hand-held product that could revolutionize modern medical treatment.


Hungary, Budapest -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The benefits of crystal, color and light therapy have been well documented for thousands of years. This type of alternative treatment has been known to heal a variety of ailments, treat depression and maintain good health. Crystal, color and light therapy can also be utilized as an adjunct to traditional medicine.

Albert Sarospataki, a scientist and inventor with other co-developers from Hungary, has developed a hand-held, portable device that combines the healing power of all three therapies. It’s the Cryxon® crystal lamp.

Combining seven colors and five replaceable crystals, the Cryxon® crystal lamp features a digital display (available in 14 languages), wireless use and a table support for more comfort.

“It’s taken a lot of time to put together our team, develop the technology and perfect our design,” said Sarospataki. “We’ve built and improved the prototypes, and received very positive feedback.”

The Cryxon® crystal lamp features five different interchangeable crystal heads: amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, rose quartz and smokey quartz. The crystals can be changed easily so its user can choose the most appropriate crystal head to use for his or her particular treatment. By using different crystals, the lamp can produce all the chakra colors, further increasing its healing capabilities.

The ability to offer different colors makes the Cryxon® crystal lamp a very versatile, and effective, healing device. For example, red light is ideal for the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia since red blood cells absorb iron, and salt is excreted from the body via the kidneys and the skin. If an infected wound is exposed to red light, the blood supply of the area is intensified and white blood cells can activate more quickly.

Orange light has been effective in treating patients before and after operations, with thyroid and other hormone disorders, muscular tenseness, skin diseases, cosmetics or digestion disorders. As a warm and active color, orange has a stimulating effect and can be highly useful in dealing with depression.

The product is almost ready to market but will require $50,000 in additional US funding to move forward. The Cryxon® team needs financial assistance to carry out clinical trials and pay for materials, labor, manufacturing and marketing.

In order to raise this capital, Andrea Molnar, Cryxon®’s communication manager, has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at Donations of any amount are welcome.

Depending on their donation levels, backers can receive e-books about this new product and the Cryxon® crystal lamp itself.

“We want to share our product, knowledge and experience about crystal, color and light therapy with the world, and we’d like to see this revolutionary new technology into households and medical treatment centers around the globe,” said Molnar. “We’re very excited about this new product but we need some help to bring it to market.”

The Cryxon® team are also looking for distributors around the globe. Those interested can contact them through the company details listed below.

For further information, visit, the Cryxon® website, The company also has a Facebook page at

Molnar can be reached directly at

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