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Crystal Lite Solar Now Installing Solar Panels in New Jersey


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Possessing the most modern and cost-effective solar panels in the Tri-state area, Crystal Lite Solar, located in Doylestown, PA, is pleased to announce they are now installing their energy efficient solar panels on commercial businesses and residential homes in New Jersey. These solar panels are photovoltaic modules that are mounted on rooftops and held in place by frames on the structure of the roof. They are securely installed by trained technicians and will withstand excessive weather, from snowstorms to rain and heavy winds. Using the power of the sun, these solar panels are backed by Westinghouse and Suniva Solar and provide the possibility of saving homeowners thousands of dollars every year on their electric bills.

The trained technicians will work with their clients to help propose designs and install the finest NJ residential solar systems that blend in with any rooftop. For those who wish to dramatically reduce or eliminate their electricity bills, Crystal Lite Solar is offering a special until September 30th where clients receive 50 percent off the cost of installation. Each system comes with the Westinghouse warranty, which promises a dependable system for 25 years. The energy from the sun is transformed into reusable, highly effective solar power that provides the home with safe energy. Homeowners are offered the opportunity for 24/7 monitoring to ensure the solar panels are providing customers with the optimum energy when they need it most.

For New Jersey commercial solar energy systems, clients can effectively power their businesses with reliable energy that will reduce costs and allow the business to collect up a 30 percent federal tax credit. Homeowners and commercial businesses alike have the same unique opportunity to receive tax incentives that will significantly off-set the cost of their solar system, while increasing the value of their property. As the world continues its effort to “go green” and recycle energy, Crystal Lite Solar is a leading solar system company in New Jersey that offers its clients years of high-quality solar performance at the lowest possible prices.

To receive a free estimate or to learn more about the services of Crystal Lite Solar, please call 1-800-716-6674 or visit their website today.

About Crystal Lite Solar
At Crystal Lite Solar, they understand the recent strides that have been made to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase renewable energy in PA and NJ. The company is dedicated to educating and helping people make the change to cleaner, cheaper electricity by using solar power. To learn more about Crystal Lite Solar’s commercial and residential installation and pricing options please visit