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Crystal Lite Solar Now Offering Free Estimates and ROI Analysis for Solar Power Installations in New Jersey


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Converting to solar energy will help save money and energy by utilizing the power of the sun. For those interested in switching to solar energy for their home or place of business, Crystal Lite Solar is pleased to announce they are now offering their services to provide free estimates, including ROI analysis, for solar power installations in New Jersey. The price of residential or commercial solar power systems in NJ will vary depending on the energy savings goal, the size of the roof and how the roof is positioned to the sun. The better the roof is positioned, the fewer number of panels will be necessary to accomplish the energy savings goal.

As the cost of energy continues to rise, solar system solutions continue to dramatically reduce, and even eliminate the home or business electric bill. Receiving a free estimate, including a cost/benefit analysis will allow those who are considering converting to solar, to receive an accurate assessment of whether solar is a viable option for them or their business. As a byproduct of making the conversion to 100 percent clean energy, business and homeowners will do their part to reduce pollution and global warming, helping to preserve a healthy—and green—environment.

Crystal Lite Solar, an authorized dealer of the Westinghouse and Suniva brands, offers a 25-year warranty for newly installed solar panels. These solar panel systems will effectively power the home or business, rain or shine, with little to no maintenance required. During certain months of the year, these solar panel systems will make more energy from the sun than many homes and businesses will be able to consume. When this happens, the excess electricity seamlessly flows back to the nearest utility grid, and is then used to power a neighbor’s home or business. The excess energy will be credited on the client’s utility bill, saving them money while helping the environment.

For additional savings, anyone who installs commercial or residential solar in NJ receives a flat 30 percent federal tax credit, provided they pay income taxes. If they can't use the entire tax credit in the first year, there is the capability of rolling the remaining credit to the next tax year and beyond.

For more information about receiving a free estimate or to learn more about solar energy solutions, please call 1-800-716-6674 or visit their website today.

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At Crystal Lite Solar, they understand the recent strides that have been made to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase renewable energy in PA and NJ. The company is dedicated to educating and helping people make the change to cleaner, cheaper electricity by using solar power. To learn more about Crystal Lite Solar’s commercial and residential installation and pricing options please visit