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Crystal Lite Solar Savings Announces It Will Beat Any Competitor's Price by $1,000


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Crystal Lite Solar Savings now guarantees to beat any competitor’s price by $1,000. The company is determined not to be undersold, and plans to continue offering the most affordable solar panels in PA. Crystal Lite Solar Savings is dedicated to spreading the use of this revolutionary technology and confident that their product works better than anything on the market. Solar panels manufactured by Westinghouse and Suniva have been shown to produce 5 to 25% more energy than other solar panels. Their use of the latest and most advanced poly-crystalline solar cells means the user gets the highest amount of power possible on each panel.

Solar power systems from Crystal Light Solar Savings provide safe AC power. Ordinary energy systems deliver high voltage DC power that can make outlets dangerous for young children and pets. Crystal Lite’s solar panels are also designed to withstand the corrosive effects of sun, rain, and wind, so home and business owners won’t have to worry about leaving them exposed on their roofs. Plus, Westinghouse solar power systems come with a 25 year warranty for both panels and inverters.

Another benefit of having solar panels from Crystal Lite Solar Savings installed on homes and businesses is their sleek and discreet appearance. People used to avoid switching to solar power because they didn’t want large panels overtaking the outer décor of their home. But modern solar panels from Westinghouse and Suniva blend right in with the existing design and landscape of any property.

Crystal Lite Solar Savings will outdo any competitor’s offer by $1,000. Visit the most trusted solar panel installers in PA and NJ today or call 1-800-716-6674.

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At Crystal Lite Solar, they understand the recent strides that have been made to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase renewable energy in PA and NJ. The company is dedicated to educating and helping people make the change to cleaner, cheaper electricity by using solar power.

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