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CTI Technology Celebrates 9 Years Offering Managed IT Services to Chicago Based Companies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Today, most medium and large businesses have dedicated IT personnel. This IT team is devoted to solving all tech-related issues, including virtual security, networking, server maintenance, and more.

IT is a wide and complex field. But over the past 9 years in business, one Chicago-based company has aimed to simplify IT as much as possible. That company is CTI Technology. Founded in 2004, CTI Technology has helped hundreds of Chicago-based businesses access the efficient and professional IT management services they need.

A spokesperson for CTI Technology explained how managed IT services can help Chicago-based businesses rise to new heights:

“Managed IT services are an important part of today’s complex IT environments. Today, a company’s IT needs continuously grow. And unfortunately, the resources dedicated to managing those needs may not grow as fast. We provide managed IT services, which means companies can hire our team of professionals to solve any tech-related problems they may have. The ultimate goal of our work is to optimize a business’s IT infrastructure while improving business performance. Our team can work on a long-term basis to continuously solve a business’s IT problems and maintain infrastructure, or we also offer short-term IT consulting services.”

Anyone can learn more about achieving this noble goal by visiting, which is the online home of CTI Technology. At that website, visitors will find comprehensive information about what it means to work with CTI Technology. The website features detailed information about the specific IT services offered by the company, including:

- Installation and management of voice support technology (VoIP, video conferencing, and more)
- Installation and management of data networking (cloud computing, server virtualization, and LAN/WAN data networking)
- Managed IT consulting services
- Low voltage wiring to reduce an office’s dependence on electricity
- Three levels of maintenance and support

The CTI Technology spokesperson explained how the three levels of maintenance and support work:

“We offer three different support levels which can change depending on the requirements of the business. The first level includes support and maintenance for servers, email, and data backups. The second level is completely flexible and depends on the unique needs of the business. And our third level of support includes a fully outsourced IT services department dedicated to continuously maintaining and optimizing the IT needs of a business.”

As the years move forward, CTI Technology aims to solidify its reputation as one of the top IT managed services providers in Chicago. With a wide range of Chicago IT support services offered, CTI Technology aims to simplify the complex world of IT maintenance and optimization with the ultimate goal being to improve the efficiency and profitability of Chicago-area businesses.

About CTI Technology
CTI Technology is a Chicago-based IT management company that offers comprehensive IT management and consulting services to Chicago businesses. The company was formed in 2004 and has grown steadily over the years. Today, CTI Technology has two offices in Elgin and Chicago and services over 1,500 clients in the greater Chicago area. For more information, please visit: