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A New Version of ClinPlus CTMS Has Been Released

Clinical Software Solutions Organization Announces the Release of Version 2.1 of their ClinPlus Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)


Bound Brook, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- DZS Software Solutions (DZS), a provider of software products that support several aspects in the performance of clinical trials, today announced the official release of ClinPlus CTMS Version 2.1. This release builds on an already robust and flexible system with about 45 specific enhancements that are a direct result of user input.

Some of the most significant enhancements include:

- Microsoft SharePoint® Integration. This new feature will add the ability to define SharePoint Sites and use these sites to browse and download documents. This enables organizations to maintain their investment in SharePoint without needing to replicate copies of documents in CTMS. Alternately, documents may be linked to a local network file or uploaded to the CTMS database.
- Custom Fields. Invariably, users will want to capture information that is not included in the standard CTMS product but is specific to their organization or individual project requirements. This enhancement allows the users to create custom fields on nearly all global and project tables. These fields may be of any type (date, text, checkbox, dropdown, etc.) and can be used exactly like standard fields when defining custom reports (sorting, grouping, etc.).
- Vendor Costs. There are several new features that have been added to enable users to track costs and payments to vendors. This enables users to view the entire scope of the trial management costs from within the CTMS system.
- Site Pass-Thru Costs. This enhancement enables users to track Site Pass-Thru costs in addition to Subject-related costs for visits and events to get a full view of all Site costs for a clinical trial. The Pass-Thru Costs can be included in Budget Templates and Site Budgets, or can be added to a Site as a non-budgeted cost.
- Subject Event SAEs. Users can now assign a payment amount for each Serious Adverse Event reported by a Site. Like other Site costs in the CTMS system, the amount of the payment can be set in the Site Budget for each Site.
- Download to ZIP. Provides the ability to download all site documents for a selected site to an easy to email ZIP file.

DZS has earned a reputation as a leading provider Clinical Trials Management Systems thanks to the clean, intuitive design, flexibility and ease of implementation. “User acceptance is extremely important for a successful implementation of a system with a large user base such as CTMS”, said Steve Trigilio, CTMS Product Manager. “Our design philosophy stresses ease-of-use by providing a well organized, pleasant and consistent interface that users adapt to quickly with minimal training.” This philosophy coupled with a feature rich toolset, strong integration capabilities with EDC and IVRS systems, and simple configuration at the system and project level ensures a successful implementation and quick roll-out.

ClinPlus CTMS clients will receive this upgrade at no additional cost immediately including expert support to guide them through the upgrade process. DZS will always continue to support earlier versions of their software for those clients who choose not to upgrade right away.

About DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
DZS Software Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1996 providing clinical trials software for clinical data management and analysis to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Over 60 clients globally presently use ClinPlus® software for data collection and capture, data cleansing, coding, analysis, clinical trial management and reporting. When the software is coupled with DZS services and training, many ClinPlus clients have dramatically improved productivity and maximized the value of clinical research investments and gained a competitive advantage to get medicines and products to market faster.

The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite for Clinical Trials provides premium tools required by pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechs, and medical device manufacturers to expedite clinical trials and meet the strict data formatting requirements of the FDA and other global regulatory agencies.

The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite’s unmatched cost-of-entry, scalability, flexible delivery options and exceptional training and support have gained DZS a reputation for delivering exacting quality and helping clients achieve early visibility to reliable clinical data. DZS software engineers possess decades of statistical analysis, clinical data management, clinical project management, and ADE/Drug coding and table/list/report building experience. This real-world experience is incorporated into every ClinPlus® system design and is evident in the reliability and enhanced features found in every system!

DZS Software Solutions conducts all design, development and validation work in their corporate offices the USA. For more information contact