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Cubic Concrete Adds the Highly Renowned HTC Duratiq System to Their Collection of Equipment


Bedfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2020 -- Concrete polishing has continued to mass popularity in the UK. Much of this has to do with the increasing costs, disruptions and health concerns of chemical coatings. In this regard, concrete polishing represents a sustainable alternative, and a coating methodology that adds more value to the property, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing floor. Being both easy to clean and highly reflective – this is making concrete polishing the go-to option for many. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, polished floors have a slip level that is closely identical to non-polished surfaces. This is the result of an increased surface contact area of the smooth concrete.

However, to be able to get a proper concrete floor, one needs the aid of proper equipment. Cubic Concrete Systems the specialist floor division of Kaizen Industrial Group have grown considerably over the last few years notably adding the market leading Becosan® concrete polishing system for warehouse floors to their already concise portfolio of services to support main contractors during dilapidation works.

As part of their continued effort to expand and innovate and showcase new technologies, they were pleased to announce they will be investing in HTC Husquarvana Polishing and Grinding equipment for 2020, known as the "HTC Duratiq 6".

This equipment allows the polishing of smaller areas with higher grade finishes such as the HTC Superfloor®. Cubic's Operations Director Justin Lemm said "We are excited to bring the HTC-Husquarvana equipment on board to allow us to grind and polish floors with greater precision in a completely dust free environment. The increase in dust related health issues, particularly during the grinding process is a major concern for our clients, so ensuring we could overcome this for our operators and customers was the major driver that led us to invest in HTC-Husquarvana"

About Cubic Concrete
Cubic Concrete are experts in delivering cutting-edge, high quality, sustainable concrete polishing and refurbishment solutions that are bringing a sophisticated, contemporary look to both interior and exterior spaces. They have experience in dealing with all manner of commercial and industrial customers throughout England. Over the years they have garnered expertise and have worked on a multitude of different systems and machinery. This allows them to know which machinery is best suited for each situation. With new technologies being added to their arsenal regularly, Cubic Concrete offers an up-to-date polishing experience. For more information: