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Cult Classic Is Being Re-Released Digitally by Gravitas Ventures

Spring 2013 Means One Thing: The Re-Release of Bongwater on Digital Platforms!


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2013 -- Bongwater is a cult classic that is being re-released on digital platforms in spring of this year. For the first time ever, Bongwater will be available on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and video on demand. In the grand tradition of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Reality Bites, and Dazed and Confused, comes the epic slacker comedy Bongwater. The film has an amazing cast - Luke Wilson, Jack Black, Brittany Murphy, Scott Caan, Alicia Witt, Jamie Kennedy, Andy Dick, and Jeremy Sisto.

In Bongwater, struggling artist David (Luke Wilson) has big plans for his life – except he can't exactly remember what they are. When slinky, sassy Serena (Alicia Witt) waltzes into his life things take a definite turn for the better, that is, until his house burns down and she bolts to New York with a wannabe rock star (Jamie Kennedy). While Serena frolics back east, lovesick David gets by with a little help from his friends, like singing farmer (Jack Black), hilariously sarcastic sidekick (Andy Dick), and oversexed rich girl (Brittany Murphy). If Serena ever returns, someone's gonna get a rude awakening, as this raucous comedy hurtles toward an outrageous and unexpected finish!

Reviews have been great for Bongwater, and its sure not to disappoint the new crowd of viewers that it may have this time around during its digital re-release. One Bongwater review says, “The title notwithstanding, this drug-laden laugh trip is more Reality Bites than Up in Smoke. David (a sweetly earnest Wilson) is a pot dealer with half-baked ambitions of becoming an artist; Serena (Witt) is his nuttily domineering love interest. Though the pair's lack of real chemistry makes the cuddly ending feel tacked on, the hysterical drug-buddy performances of Brittany Murphy, Andy Dick, and Jack Black really make this joint roll.”

A fan said, “…I watch a great deal of movies and this is in my top 5 favorite movies. This is a movie that I can always watch. It's a smart stony movie that always delivers. There is a ton of very subtle, incredibly funny humor. Jack Black's role is very funny, and this is my favorite of all of Luke Wilson's movies…”

Bongwater is one of those awesome stoner movies that reels fans in and becomes a classic. Learn more about Bongwater on its iTunes page - Bongwater/iTunes

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