Cultivation of Eyebrows and Hair Restoration Process Made Easier Without Hair Transplant Surgery

Safer Alternatives To Surgical Hair Replacement


Cairo, Egypt -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2015 -- The process of hair transplantation has now become easier. Safer alternatives to hair transplant surgery have been found today because of which, the long-term treatment through surgery, medicines and medical drugs has been cut short to a large extent. Unlike the old process where the patients may have some side effects after the surgery, the new process is free of any side effects.

Though there are various methods followed without having to perform surgery, all the methods fall under a single term called FUE which means Follicular Units Extraction. The extraction of follicular units which contain the bulb, tissues and cells contain all the properties that are essential for the growth of hair. In other words, it is a dedicated way to pick out the hair from the root.

The process of selecting pod bulb is different for different kinds of hair. Generally, a single pod contains three to four hairs in a single bulb. The process of distinguishing the bulbs that contain multiple hairs and single hair strand is done by micro scoping imaging. This process reveals the follicles that would be harvested and planted by the type of the bulb. There are specialized doctors who are skilled in using precision machining traumatic which picks the bulbs from the hair root and without open incisions in the scalps suitable for transplantation.

Several clinics and centers specialize in hair transplantation operations all over the world and offer unique services for best price.

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