Cultural Selections Announces New Service and Website

Helps upcoming executive get ahead in the fields.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Cultural Selections, a leading executive recruitment team, today announced their exclusive career planning service to all executives and professionals to allow individuals to differentiate themselves in the current recruitment market.

Career planning is a brand new consultancy service offered by Cultural Selections and has been specially designed for executive candidates or candidates looking to advance their career to an executive level. The Cultural Selections team consistently incorporates the latest coaching, profiling and career strategy techniques.

By using cutting edge development tools and practices helps its clients begin to realize career potentials. Taking time to assess current career paths and explore diversity for future recruitment is one of the best investments to make in one’s occupation.

“It’s not enough just to be a good executive today, now you really need to stand out and it is amazing the amount of professionals who are very much in demand with their skills and experience yet are not able to make the move to the next level,” said Zain Chang, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our new service is solely designed to help an executive or someone who wants to step into an executive role regardless of their company size to get a clear idea of how, what, where and if they should do that. We then work with them to devise an action plan to get them real results.”

Cultural Selections’ website is currently undergoing major changes and informs interested individuals about the processes and services offered. Executives seeking professional help with career planning immediately or in the future, please visit or email at

Media Contact:
Mr. Zain Chang - Sales & Marketing Director
Cultural Selections
26 Dover Street,
London, UK
+44 8002 888 689