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Culture Bebe Publishes New Kitchen Images to Provide Inspiration for Kitchen Renovations

Culture Bebe provides a huge range of high quality images of different kitchen renovations to provide ideas and inspiration to others. They have recently expanded each category with new images.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Kitchens are arguably the most important room in a home, responsible for the clean preparation of food that unites and sustains a family. As such, kitchen design must include certain key factors- an oven, hob and sink, fridge and freezer and more, along with a great deal of cupboard space. Packing in so many features can be a challenge, and yet that is only the beginning of a truly remarkable kitchen. Culture Bebe is a new website that aims to provide ideas and inspiration to all by sharing amazing spaces that individuals can replicate or borrow features from.

The site includes a comprehensive high quality kitchen design image gallery replete with detailed descriptions of the key elements in the image, so people know what to look for when trying to replicate certain looks, and even download images to keep them for reference.

The site has dedicated sections on kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, kitchen appliances, lighting, tables, remodeling and renovation so that no matter the needs of the visitor, they can find inspiration on the site. Individuals can also search by most recently added or at random to refresh their palette after a long ideas session.

A spokesperson for Culture Bebe explained, “We believe that when people choose to remodel their home they should have the greatest number of choices available to them, and often when buying from big high street names every kitchen ends up looking identical. For those who would rather express their individuality through their design, the ability to pick and mix from a mash up of influences is an exciting prospect, and we encourage more people to make that choice by showing them how design has evolved to better meet the needs of the 21st century family, while still incorporating classic stylistic features. With this in mind we have recently extended our range of images in every category so visitors will find inspiration no matter what they are looking for.”

About Culture Bebe
Culture Bebe is a website dedicated to helping people discover inspiration when looking to renovate their kitchen. The site provides a comprehensive resource center of different features that can be incorporated through kitchen renovation, enabling people to enliven their imaginations and get the best out of their home kitchen space using the benefit of a broad range of different ideas, accessories and countertops. For more information please visit: http://culturebebe.com/