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Cumulative Data Has Now Proven the World's Best Diet for Human Health


Palm Harbor, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2016 -- Becoming vegan has now gained so much cumulative evidence through countless studies that it's the single best diet for human health and longevity that it's elevated to the level of irrefutable.

Vegans Rising has put together the top 10 science backed, researched and proven reasons that going vegan is the single best thing you can do for your health, longevity, quality of life and moral balance.

Bringing all of this evidence together on one page is of tremendous value to all vegans and anyone who wants to go vegan or is considering adopting this as a lifestyle to change their lives for the better.

Just a few of the findings on the site indicate that;

1. Antibiotic resistant diseases are caused in large part by the animal product we consume. More than 80% of all antibiotics are used on feed animals which has given rise to swine flu, bird flu and may have some causation in mad cow as well.

2. Feed animals are concentrating the pesticides and fertilizers. The average farmed cow eats 24 pounds of food per day. Their foods are grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals then accumulate in their systems, most often in their fat stores.

When people consume them they are getting those concentrated stores of harmful chemicals flushed into their bodies.

Just as an example: 99% of mothers tested in the United states were found to have significant levels of DDT in their breast milk.

3. Constipation is a massive problem here in America with over 63 million chronically constipated. The toxic build up has been shown to cause a whole list of health problems from acne, colon cancer, auto immune diseases all the way to depression and anxiety.

Vegans rising has put together the most relative and astonishing data proving that going vegan is the diet that Albert Einstein thought it was all those years ago when he said: "Nothing will benefit health and increase the chance for survival on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet".

The thing to consider is that in his day the word vegan had not been coined yet. In his writings he was clear that his intent in the use of the word encompassed the abstinence from animal products.

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