Cure DSH Before It Gets out of Control - Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin has been educating parents about Deliberate Self harm for many years which has now increased at an alarming rate amongst youngsters in UK.


Rustington, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) is a regrettably common phenomena that has gain increased publicity with the development of social networks on the internet. Back in nineties, Deliberate Self Harm was not recognised as it is today. However in the past decade, with the advent of internet and mobile phones the culture of deliberate self harm has solidified.

Deliberate self harm amongst younger patients takes the form of cutting which may be carried out on discreet or visible parts of the body. Adolescent self harmers avoid treatment as their intention is to relieve stress and emotional tension through DSH. Medical help is usually only sought when injury is greater than intended or parental intervention occurs. Self-harmers are now sharing techniques, stories, acting out, cries for help and photos of injury on social network sites.

As a clinician who has worked extensively with this client group in a variety of settings (psychiatry, A&E, private practice) Andrew Austin has made observations which help him in treating DSH effectively especially in the younger age group. Patients need the help and support of a trained professional like Andrew who can work with them to overcome the self-harm habit. Self-harm may be their way of coping with feelings related to past abuse, flashbacks, negative feelings about their body or other traumatic memories. Andrew focuses on developing coping techniques and strategies to stop self-harming, while helping the patient get to the root of the cause.

“Andy is as insightful in person as his website would suggest. Unorthodox, perhaps, but always passionate; his grasp of his chosen subject is, frankly, astonishing and matched only by the single mindedness with which he pursues still deeper understanding." Dr. Alan Lush PhD

Andrew T. Austin, Neurolinguist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, was formerly a registered nurse working in clinical neurology and neurosurgery. He began his nursing career in Accident and Emergency, where he developed a strong reputation for working with the many psychiatric and mental health related emergencies. In 1994, he was trained in hypnosis at the Royal Masonic Hospital in London which deepened his interest in psychotherapy and neurolinguistics. He is the founding designer and trainer of Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), and Metaphors of Movement. He also conducts one day training workshops for parents of adolescents who deliberately self harm.

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