Curses and Kisses Releases Their Newest Apple Version of Mobile App


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Curses and Kisses has released their newest and free Apple version of their Mobile App. The band made sure that people who are interested with heavy rock and are influenced with it can stream easily with their music through any of their gadgets.

The release of their Apple version will give individuals the opportunity to make use of their Apple gadgets such as their iPad, iPhone and iPods. With the use of this new app, tuning it to latest updates with the band’s songs and listening to their orgasmic rock songs is a breeze.

Curse and Kisses made sure that by making use of the Apple version, people will also get the same media features that Android users have. All of the people who have IOS-enabled devices can stream music whenever they want. They can also view pictures of the band as well as learn its biography. Though it was just recently released, people are assured that they can easily access the website through their mobile devices. They will not have to worry about the costs of getting this mobile app in their devices since it is offered for free. Music lovers will surely love this new addition to the app line of the band’s website. It makes it possible for them to enjoy the orgasmic experience from the band that they love.

With the new Apple version for Mobile App that Curses and Kisses released, people can get the updates for this popular rock band. People will have access to the latest photos and music that the band has created and share them with their friends.

About Curses and Kisses
Curses and Kisses is an Orlando, Florida-based band that provides orgasmic rock acts for people who adore rock music. It recently released an Android Version for their Mobile App that aims to ensure that the band’s supporters can easily access their websites. The band also has released the Apple Version for people to gain an access to its websites with the use of their IOS enabled gadgets anytime they want.

To get more information about the new app and how people can get their own free version, feel free to visit By availing of this mobile app for Apple gadgets, people will be updated with all the activities that Curse and Kisses is having.

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