Curtis Group

Curtis Marketing Group Wins 12 Design Awards

Curtis Marketing Group (CMG) received a letter last week from Graphic Design USA. The first words in the letter were CONGRATULATIONS! Your organization has been selected as a winner in the 2013 American Graphic Design Awards.


St. Joseph, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Not only did they receive one award, they received 12 design awards. Last year they received eight design awards. Mark and Susan Curtis, co-owners of CMG remarked, “We were excited, but not shocked or surprised because our company has won awards many years in a row.” They give credit to their talented design team that includes John Graham and Kelsey Meyer who keep producing award winning websites, logos, brochures and trademarks for their clients who are primarily dentists. You can see this year’s awards as well as all of the previous years’ awards that they have won here.

For five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored design competitions that spotlights areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. GDUSA’s American Graphic Design Awards is the biggest and broadest of these open to everyone in the community: advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporations, associations, universities, government publishers and more. It honors outstanding work of all kinds and across all media. For the eighth straight year, more than 8,000 entries arrived from across the country. A highly selective 15 percent are recognized with a Certificate of Excellence. In the rare case of multiple awards, an embossed Certificate of Excellence for each winning piece is presented. Curtis Marketing Group is eligible for reproduction in the 50th Anniversary GDUSA Awards Annual in print, on the web, and on their iPad App ? seen by over 100,000 colleagues and clients each year.

Mark Curtis, President of Curtis Marketing Group, reflected, "It's an honor for us and for our clients that we can enter, and take home top awards in some very competitive categories, in a competition that includes many of the top agencies in the United States like Saatchi and Saatchi, BBD&O, and Ogilvy One, each of which represents billions of dollars in annual client billings." He continued, "It just demonstrates that top-quality marketing isn't only available to the Budweisers and Capital Ones of the world. Even small dental practices can get great marketing."