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Curtis Total Service Recommends Homeowners Get Annual Maintenance to Maximize the Longevity of Their Heating Systems


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2018 -- Homeowners are advised by Curtis Total Service, an HVAC company specialized in heating system repairs in Macungie, PA, to invest in annual maintenance of their furnace to ensure its efficiency. Most people overlook the importance of heating system maintenance until an issue becomes evident and it's too late. Not only is annual maintenance taking preventive measures, but having a professionally trained technician come out to inspect a furnace can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars on repairs and installation costs.

In many cases, homeowners forget to change their system's air filter, which is dangerous for many reasons. A dirty and clogged air filter circulates the same filthy air back into a home, which is especially hazardous for those suffering from allergies or other respiratory conditions. Poor air quality in a home should be an alarming enough reason to replace an old filter. Clogged filters also restrict airflow, which means a furnace is forced to use more energy and work harder to produce heat. Homeowners also tend to see the impact of clogged air filters on their utility bill, as there's typically a price to pay for a furnace that works overtime.

When technicians come out to inspect heating systems, they also clean all components to ensure it runs efficiently and can hold up through the winter. Annual maintenance ensures the components in a heating system are working smoothly and effectively. Taking preventative measures to ensure the quality of your heating system is the best way to avoid unexpected mishaps. During annual maintenance, the technicians at Curtis Total Service identify potential issues that need immediate repair so that replacement does not become a foreseeable concern.

While annual maintenance of a heating system is conducive to its efficiency, if not treated promptly, replacement may become an issue. In this case, Curtis Total Service offers quality furnace installation in Lehigh Valley, PA. The dedicated technicians at Curtis Total Service work diligently to ensure homes are heated properly throughout the season. To schedule an appointment by phone, please call 610-709-6565 or fill out a contact form.

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