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Curtis Total Service Recommends Professionals over Liquid Plumbing Products


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- The master plumbers at Curtis Total Service recommend employing the services of a professional plumber for drain cleaning, rather than risk the integrity of the drain itself with liquid plumbing products. To avoid piping or the need for water line replacements in Allentown, PA, consider the risks liquid plumbing products carry for both drainage systems and the health of all who come into proximity of the affected drain.

Liquid plumbing products have been known to damage plumbing systems. By sitting in the pipe until the clog dissolves, the liquid plumbing product continually reacts and generates heat to decompose hair and grease, potentially causing a multitude of problems. Toilet bowls can become brittle and crack, PVC pipes can soften and break, corroded pipes can be damaged, and liquid plumbing products can effectively eat away at the glue holding the piping together.

The experts at Curtis Total Service warn that liquid plumbing products are unpredictable when combined with other materials or equipment. If liquid plumbing products remain in the drain and come into contact with another chemical cleaning product soon after, the reaction could create toxic fumes or react violently within the drain, causing structural damage to the drainage system itself and resulting in a much more significant problem than a clogged drain.

Liquid plumbing products are caustic byproducts that decompose organic materials by chemical action, meaning the chemical reaction burns through skin at every point of contact. For the safety of the drain and the people who use it, these products should only ever be used for partial blockages, if at all.

Curtis Total Service is a leading sewer drain company in Easton, PA and advises against the use of liquid plumbing products unless absolutely necessary. To learn more about Curtis Total Service's comprehensive home service offerings, or to schedule a plumbing appointment, contact the company at 610-709-6565 and visit their website at

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