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Cushtee Cash Release Infographic Highlighting the Importance of Teaching Your Children About Money


Brighton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- Cushtee Cash have just released an infographic detailing how to educate children on financial awareness. It details the information and idea's children can handle and grasp from the ages of three up until their teenage years.

Designed by Jamie Holder, the infographic - hopes to highlight the need for education about money at home, as this is where 95% of financial education takes place.

James Lewis from Cushtee Cash said of the websites latest offering;

"Cushtee Cash although a short term loan lender are committed to financial education, especially amongst parents and families in the UK."

"We believe strongly that responsible spending is key to a happy and stress-free life without the need for financial products like ours. I appreciate the contradiction this might present to some readers, but we feel that the less need for our services the better."

Short term loans are never far from the news in the UK. The latest sweeping changes made by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fully taking affect from January, these changes have seen a proportion of payday lenders cease trading.

Lewis added, "The industry is constantly changing and we feel that by promoting healthy education on the subject of money management we can become the website in the industry that people judge to be a more caring element."

The infographic plays on the idea of a road to sensible spending. It uses playful undertones and animated pictures of children navigating their way into adulthood.

Parents are given idea's and tips on what information children are able to dissect at every step of their journey, while also giving them tips on what they can do to promote a good understanding of their responsibilities when it comes to money matters.

About Cushtee Cash
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