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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2017 -- Industries including power generation, refining, energy, transportation, mining, and government trust Madden Bolt for the fabrication of high-quality steel plate products and custom steel assemblies. Ongoing communication with customers along with audits and quality assurance checks streamline the process, minimizing stress and maximizing efficiency.

In order to accommodate large or diverse projects in a timely manner, Madden carries 100 tons of raw material in various grades. The Madden facility is an 80,000 square foot operation with two fabrication facilities, a galvanizing plant, a shipping and handling office, and a corporate base. The ability to handle complex orders from start to finish translates into shorter turnaround times and the ability to deal with one service provider, instead of ordering the product, then finding another supplier to galvanize. This means that even when a project's scope changes or the last minute need is identified, Madden Bolt can often deliver the specified products within hours or days, when other suppliers may require lead-times in the orders of days or even weeks.

Speaking of the manual bending machines used, a representative from Madden Bolt stated: " At times, a customer will call in a special bend order request like v-bolts for use on telecom towers. When we receive customized requests like this, Madden Bolt is able to meet those requests about 99.9% of the time by employing different bending machines for different materials. For example, although 90 degrees is the typical radius requested for an L-Bolt, we can fabricate tighter, sharper radiuses by applying heat to the material.".

For Custom Bolts, Anchor bolts, fabrication, embed plates, embedded plate and galvanizing services, Madden Bolt is an industry leader in speed and expertise.

About Madden Bolt
Since 1942, three generations of the Madden family have developed the original small steel bolt fabricator business into a leading fabricator of quality steel industrial fasteners and miscellaneous steel parts. Based in Houston, Texas with global capabilities. More than just anchor bolt manufacturers, their products: Anchor Bolts. Steel Fabrication. Galvanizing.

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