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Custom Gold Grillz Reaches 10,000 Sales in 2015 with Its Affordable Dental Jewelry


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- That number broke the company's previous record of best sellers to provide anyone with the opportunity to show some gold. At $60, Custom Gold Grillz is an affordable alternative that looks very similar to products of $1,000 or more.

"I never expected the market to react so positively to our products," said Leet. "Our grillz literally flew off our shelves in just a few days after our initial release, with hundreds of more orders on backorder."

The one-size-fits-most option is obtained at home in just five minutes. Consumers place the grillz and silicone molding in hot water to soften, and then individuals simply place the molding bar in their mouth and bite down. Once the mold hardens, adjustable prongs on the back ensure a tight fit. If the custom gold grillz needs to be readjusted, just place the molding bar in hot water again and refit.

Consumers can purchase an upper or bottom grillz, or choose both pieces at the same time. The gold teeth are $29.99 for a single top or bottom piece. For those who purchase the top and bottom set together, the cost is $59.99 and a free storage box is included. The company offers a variety of options, allowing anyone to show off sparkling grillwork that includes silver, crystal and 14k and 18k gold.

Grillz are FDA approved and contain no nickel or lead. Consumers customize grillz in the privacy of their own home and no dentist visit is required. Created for durability with sterling silver, jeweler's brass or stainless steel, Custom Gold Grillz utilizes an advanced plating process to coat the plates in gold, silver, cubic zirconia, and high quality crystals. All premium grillz come with the company's lifetime warranty against tarnishing.

Consumers can choose from an extensive array of selections ranging from gold grillz, diamond cut and iced out to fanged teeth. Single or double tooth caps are available, along with specialized creations that include a grenade or an AK-47 tooth.

The exceptional sales experienced by Custom Gold Grillz are a testimony to the popularity of the company's tooth fashions. They're the modern and affordable way to share in a hip hop celebrity lifestyle. Individuals can wear the company's custom dental jewelry for any occasion to express their own unique sense of personal style.

About Custom Gold Grillz
Custom Gold Grillz brings the hottest hip hop grillz at the most affordable prices on the market. We carry an exclusive line of pre-made premium grillz that are high quality, affordable and will keep you shining for a lifetime.

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