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Custom Job Shop Manufacturer Webster Precision Values MIE Solutions Manufacturing Software

Three Decades of Experience Show That MIE Solutions ERP Software Is the most Competitive Product on the Market.


Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2011 -- The gain of experience is what defines a successful individual in life or in his or her career, especially when the burdens of taking care of himself are doubled by those of managing a family or, even more importantly, a business and making them successful in return. However, in order to achieve all the goals had in mind when administrating, managing or owning a business, everyone needs the right tools and proper aid for them. For instance, for all businesses activating in the field of sheet metal fabrication, a sheet metal software together with inventory software or manufacturing software, all known under the general name of ERP software, will be indeed vital. Especially larger sized businesses will appreciate the help such job shop software can provide. For every business that is intrigued by these prospects and wants to learn more and even experience all the advantages that come with the usage of ERP software, looking into the MIE Solutions offerings is without any question the most recommendable thing to do.

MIE Solutions is the leader of the shop software providers, its reputability being confirmed by the tens of clients fully satisfied by the quality of the services made available, the interest of the company to show the users how to make the most out of the manufacturing ERP software and job shop ERP software and the results achieved through the packages. The MIE Solutions list of offerings includes ERP software designed specifically for a number of tasks, for instance MIE Trak, MIE Dashboard, MIE Maintenance, MIE Quotelt!, MIE Exchange or MIE Software Solutions. Among the clients who have experienced outstanding developments and growth spurs, Webster Precision is quite possible one of the most representative figures now happy to share the news of the successful collaborations with MIE Solutions with the whole world.

Webster Precision is a company with over thirty years of experience in the precision sheet metal market place, being quite popular among the general public for its highly trained employees, the quality of the products provided and the timely manner in which each and every single order is addressed. However, the Vice President of Webster Precision acknowledges that all these would be difficult to achieve, to handle and to keep track of without the important help of the MIE Solutions machine shop software or sheet metal software. After trying to work with seven other ERP software and constantly experiencing disappointments because of the lack of performances, lack of user friendliness or faults in the design areas, Webster Precision finally found the manufacturing software ideal for its needs. That way, MIE Solutions broadened its horizons with yet another client satisfied with the way the business evolved and with the little time it took for the software to be installed and become familiar to the employees and the senior staff as well. Only two days of phone support from MIE Solutions were sufficient to prove to Rob Curtis, Vice President of Webster Precision that the job shop software MIE Trak was without a doubt the best on the market and that all this time his business was being held back by the errors and shortcomings of the other tools and software solutions employed in the past.

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