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Fernandina Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2017 -- BurbankSportNets.com, pioneers in sport nets have been in the sports netting business for over 100 years now. They offer handcrafted nets for different types of sports. They also offer custom fabrication and installation of backstops, barriers, batting cages and overhead netting. All the screens and frames are custom made and built in an in-house factory. The premium quality nets are treated twice for long-term durability and protection from the varying weather conditions. A special BSF paint with all-weather UV protection is used for all the sport nets here. This is a trademark dipping process by Burbank Sport Nets it has been used by the company for many years now on all types of sport nets.

The company also offers this trademark treatment for used nets and nets that do not need replacement but just need a little refurbishing. This treatment can increase the life of the nets by a few more years. "In my 31 years of college coaching, my experience with Burbank Sport Nets has been fantastic!" says Andy Lopez, Head Baseball Coach at the University of Arizona. "The product, service and quick response has been second to none", further adds Andy. Some of their successful projects are: Duke University Softball Nets wherein Burbank Sport installed an all-new nylon backstop system along with an indoor hitting facility which was custom made with a logo turf and retractable netting.

St. Johns River State College Baseball and Softball where Burbank Sport Nets helped the management build a new baseball and softball field with an invisible UDR2 Dyneema tieback backstop system with poles supported by concrete netting. A custom shell-style batting tunnel netting system with divider curtains was also installed. The UDR2 Dyneema netting is known for extreme durability, longevity, strength, visibility and an ability to retain its color for a long duration. The premium net system has been installed by Burbank Sport Nets in some of the largest and most high profile stadiums across the country and the World.

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Burbank Sport Nets, https://burbanksportnets.com/ based at Fernandina Beach, Florida is a company that has been manufacturing sports net for over 100 years now.

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