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Custom Sticker Makers Shed Light on Vinyl Stickers with New Sticker Spotlight Feature

Custom Sticker Makers now regularly highlight the unusual requests received from clients and the ingenious solutions they develop to tackle unique marketing requests.


Prescott, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Getting high quality branding materials for start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs can be difficult, but vinyl stickers provide a versatile way to get a logo that can be placed on anything, from mugs to letters to cars. While vinyl stickers have found longevity through ever popular bumper stickers, they can also be used to achieve a wide array of novel solutions to unusual problems. Custom Sticker Maker has been creating unique designs and custom sticker solutions on behalf of clients for years, and now has a Sticker Spotlight feature on their blog designed to showcase these varied uses.

The stickers the company create can be customised to be cut into any shape, and given the adhesive properties this makes them incredibly versatile when it comes to form-fitting irregular shapes. This makes them ideal for everything from use in labelling bottles of beer and supersize drinks cups to more complex shapes like CCTV cameras, camouflaging them against their environment.

The stickers have also been used to seal bottles and tubs containing liquids to ensure that they are tamper-free when they reach their destination, proving that custom vinyl stickers are a far more versatile tool than their primary use in making political statements.

A spokesperson for Custom Sticker Makers explained, “We have recently published a step by step guide to ensuring that designs are of the best quality to enable us to produce the best stickers possible, but this really only scratched the surface. If individuals have a challenge, whether it’s for branding, marketing or making a statement, our talented team of customer service personnel and creative talent will put their minds to creating an ingenious concept that can solve the issue using high quality, eco-friendly vinyl. We encourage everyone to check out our blog for inspiration and to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.”

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