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Custom Toll Free Announces December 7th 2013 as Official Release Date of the 844 Toll Free Number Prefix

The FCC released a statement that the official 844 release date will be December 7, 2013.


Mill Creek, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Over 19 million toll free numbers are currently being used, including 888, 877, 866 and 855 phone numbers. For personal or business use, nationally or shared, a vanity 844 toll free number works exactly like any other 800 number; they are entirely free for customers to call. One major difference is the availability of the best-possible vanity spelling.

Custom Toll Free will be offering pre-release reservation requests for 844 toll free numbers. The pre-release request service will allow clients to officially request their number(s) for reservation during the release of the new prefix on December 7th. This opportunity affords companies a rare chance to acquire a vanity toll free number that has been unavailable to them until now.

During the 855 release, Custom Toll Free was successful with the same pre-release request service, and is excited to offer the same great service for the upcoming 844 release. With proven technology and reservation processes, and a success rate of over 80% during the 855 release, Custom Toll Free is confident that clients will again be successful during the 844 release. The reservation process will allow clients to request as many 844 toll free numbers as they like and, except for a small fee, pay only upon successful reservation on December 7th.

The new 844 toll free prefix offers businesses the chance to finally get a branded vanity number or to extend their existing vanity number by acquiring an additional prefix. Custom Toll Free will also be offering the same amenities for 844 numbers as for all toll free 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 numbers. Now with an even larger pool of available toll free numbers, Custom Toll Free is confident that the new 844 toll free prefix will help businesses with their branding and communication efforts in an even bigger way.

Currently is offering a free wait list for people to add their desired 844 toll free numbers until pre-release requests are available.

Please note that this press release has been revised from its original content.