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Customer Feedback: Yelp Speaks of August European

Whether it is a favorable review or a complaint, customer feedback is a goldmine of information. No one knows this better than Brian Sanders, owner and operator of August European, an independent German vehicle repair and service center based in San Diego, California.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2013 -- "Scarcely a day passes without us actively checking to see what our clients are saying about the services, care and attention they receive from us here at August European, because learning what they think of the services we provide, it's much easier to find out where we're going wrong and what we're doing right," says Brian, who has worked for August European as a technician and service manager before taking over the ownership in 2002.

"But even more important than gathering this feedback is what we actually do with it, and what our customers expect us to do. Do we view it once then file it away in a dusty cupboard? Not at all. We have instead put a system in place to deal with every piece of feedback and tell the client what we've done. Many of them find this to be very impressive," adds Brian, head of August European has been providing outstanding Independent service for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen automobiles since 1988.

There is no doubt about customer service being truly a thing of value for Brian and his team at August European. Following are a handful of the growing list of positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers who have had the good fortune of using the popular San Diego auto repair and service center: Read full reviews at

Lori M., San Diego, CA writes on Yelp: "Brian is very knowledgeable and straight forward and tells you how it is. He let's you know what they think are the necessities to get your car up and working and let's you know what they recommend, but can wait on... exactly what I need. When I call I usually can get an appointment within a couple days. Cheaper than going to the dealer for dealer quality parts and service.

My family has been a loyal customer here for years. My cousin is a cars guy and he wouldn't recommend just any place... knowing he goes here let me know this place is the place to go to. My dad and myself bring our BMW's here when we need work done and I have other relatives that go here for their Mercedes.

Note: If you live nearby they'll shuttle you. They also wash your car with service here."

Justin M., San Diego, CA writes: "I have long been relying on a personal friend to service my car since the warranty expired but sought out a new mechanic because as good and fair as my friend is - it is becoming increasingly impossible to work around his already busy schedule, unanticipated interruptions, and generally long wait times.

I found August European on yelp and these reviews are absolutely correct! I made an appointment by phone with the owner, Brian. He was straightforward, fair on the price, worked within the time schedule I needed to have the car completed by and gave me an idea of what I need to keep an eye out for (in terms of possible repair) in the near term. Best of all, he didn't treat me like I was stupid or like someone he would try and take advantage of...he's just not that kind of person.

The office is unbelievably immaculate and so well run. I will definitely be bringing my car back here in the future!"

Moocher Y., echoing other Yelp reviews here, writes: "I've brought 2 different cars here (a Volkswagen, and a BMW) over the last 10 years, and this shop is great. They'll save you money where they can, and do top-notch work. Highly, highly recommended.

This shop was recommended to me by my European shop in Northern California (as an Audi-approved shop, though I drive a BMW). I can not say enough positive things. The pricing was fair, very clearly explained to me, and not once did the owner or mechanic blow up at me when I asked for clarification (unlike another shop in the area). They were very timely with the repairs and even worked with me on time of day and transportation to and from the shop."

For a free estimate or repair quote on auto repair services in San Diego call 858-566-5000, go to or visit August European in person at 9705 Candida St. San Diego, CA 92126. Read reviews and testimonials of the San Diego German auto repair specialists at August European on Yelp at

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