Customer Loyalty and Reputation Decline Consequently After a Data Breach


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- The cost of a data breach has always been apparent in terms of remediation and consulting costs, however the effect a breach has on a company’s brand identity is tougher to pin down.

Recent findings reveal that two-thirds of US adults would not return to a business if there personal data was stolen, this discovery alone is intimidating for businesses due to the increased number of data breaches occurring precisely as a result of this particular point.

“This research confirms that by failing to make security a priority, businesses can discourage once loyal customers from returning. It could also stop potential customers from ever patronising your business, “exclaims John Otten, Marketing Manager at Cintas.

Not every data breach has the same impact on businesses, some breaches have much more of a negative effect to a brands reputation and image. Loss or theft of customer information ranked the most devastating in a recent survey.

According to 82 percent of respondents, their organizations had a data breach involving sensitive or confidential information. Fifty-three percent say the data breaches had a moderate impact on reputation and brand image and 23 percent say it was significant.

Most businesses in the study have had a data breach involving the theft of sensitive or confidential business information. On average these types of breaches have occurred 2.9 times in surveyed organisations, with the theft or loss of confidential financial information having the most significant impact on reputation and brand.

“Taking precautions to protect brand identity is one of the key factors to success and is crucial towards customer loyalty. Tabernus can help shield businesses from disturbing data breaches with certified data erasure solutions that tailor to every need, “ comments Joe Mount, VP of North American Operations.

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